How to Style Boy’s Haircuts to the Side

Boys looking for haircuts to the side have numerous options for stylistic experiments with their hair. A fringe cut combed over to one side makes a timeless impression and adheres to school dress code rules.

The dramatic pompadour is an adaptable style, ideal for versatile styling options and effortless maintenance. Pushing it up or down and adding texture through spikes gives this timeless style its signature look and ease of care. Pair it with fades or disconnected undercuts for the best effect, plus enjoy easy upkeep.

Textured Crop with Side-Swept Fringe

A textured French crop is ideal for men looking for a sleek look with minimal styling requirements. Featuring either low, mid, or high skin fade on the sides and longer locks cut vertically on top, this style works for any face shape and can be worn either messy or neat to suit individual preferences.

This angular fringe haircut is excellent for younger men looking for an effortless, laid-back style. Pair it with a medium fade to create an elegant, polished appearance. This style can also be brushed forward or to either side and highlighted using texturizing products or gels for additional texture.

Textured Crop with Low Taper Fade

Men with short hair can effortlessly style a stylish textured crop top fade for formal events. This trendy cut features a low skin fade on the sides, and back that seamlessly merges into the hairline, leaving the top hair longer for texture. Additionally, its fringe can be pulled forward to create an eye-catching quiff look – ideal!

This haircut is ideal for men looking to add flair and dimension to their style. The taper fade on the sides and back are classic, while its unique textured top gives this look its signature flair. Additionally, there’s also a slight video peak for an eye-catching finish!

Textured Crop with Spikes

Spiked hair is an elegant, classic look that suits most face shapes. To style, use wax or pomade to tease spikes into place for an easygoing and laid-back bro look.

Skin fades with longer top crop cuts are a versatile look that can complement various styles. Ideal for fine or thin hair types, this textured cut adds volume and creates shape, drawing attention away from widow’s peaks and receding hairlines.

Ask your barber to incorporate multiple textures throughout this haircut, making it easier to style at home and createcreate an excellent textured crop.

Textured Crop with Faux Hawk Fade

Faux hawk fade haircuts resemble mohawks but offer greater versatility due to their lower profile. The sides of this style feature close-shaven sides, while the top features an arched pompadour styled with side-swept fringe. Beards look exceptionally well in this cut as they draw attention away from facial features.

This style works best on men with round, oval, or square faces and medium-length or longer hair. A mutton chop beard adds an extra dimension and draws attention to its facial features.

This style features a short faux hawk with a tapered fade for an elevated and sophisticated look, ideal for use at work or casual events. Use matte styling products to achieve this style.

Textured Crop with Long Curls

This short textured French crop offers a sleek yet simple way to achieve dapper style without much maintenance or care required in its styling. Apply some pomade or hair clay and evenly distribute it throughout your head for styling purposes.

This style offers an intriguing, youthful hairstyle for younger men who want something different and eye-catching. Additionally, this crop works wonders on those with thick locks as it makes the top appear fuller, while receding hairlines can benefit from having their curls highlighted at the crown – offering the ideal way to show off one’s individuality while still having a full head of locks!

Textured Crop with Short Sides

Textured crops are great options for men who prefer keeping their hair short and adding volume and shape to thinned crown areas.

Ask your barber to add texture and definition to your textured crop with bolder, choppy layers at the top. Complete the modern take on a classic look by pairing this haircut with a low to mid-skin fade for maximum effect.

This style is ideal for younger men looking for a casual, laid-back aesthetic. A few drops of pomade will help the texture stand out and define their silhouette.