How to Style Burgundy Curly Hair

Burgundy hair can make a striking and dramatic statement that complements many skin tones. From subtle highlights peeking through blonde locks to rich, deep hues that stand out, burgundy is a timeless color.

For an elegant and subtle take on this trend, pair burgundy and pink together. Your hair colorist can help you achieve this look through an ombre effect or random application of colors.

Intense Burgundy

Burgundy is an eye-catching hue perfect for making a bold statement. Plus, its rich hue looks fabulous when worn with curly locks! For added opulence, try pairing it with purple hues for even greater impact!

For an elegant but subtle approach, Emma Stone, of actress fame, wears her dark burgundy ombre hair like Emma Stone herself. This shade reads more caramel-brown at its roots and features a beautiful wavy cut to seamlessly integrate it with her dark locks.

Blackberry balayage offers another way to wear burgundy. This vibrant shade leans more toward red than traditional burgundy, and makes a beautiful way to update any look with vibrant hue that doesn’t stand out too dramatically.

Lighter Burgundy

Burgundy is an elegant shade that complements most skin tones. This subdued variation on bold red hair is ideal for pin curls or tattoos – and doesn’t fade easily either! However, as with any bold color it may fade, so be sure to use shampoos designed specifically for colored locks to preserve its hue and longevity.

If you’re not ready for the commitment of an intense burgundy dye job, opt for something lighter in tone that blends in with your natural brown shades. Actress Vanessa Hudgens showcased this look with her center-part ponytail; rapper Badmomzjay went for something brighter like Kool-aid red hue for her long bob. Both options can make an elegant yet glamorous date-night statement! Furthermore, both options fade more easily than intense burgundy and won’t require as frequent touchups!

Natural Burgundy

Burgundy is an excellent option for those who desire vibrant hair color without going for something too loud. Zendaya wears it well in her curly short style – it even looks fabulous on actress Zendaya herself! Burgundy works well across hair textures and lengths when given proper care through deep conditioning formulas.

Natural burgundy dye will transform your strands without using harsh chemicals. Henna powder is an ideal natural option, working well on all hair textures and can even be mixed with water or lemon juice to adjust its shade. However, for very pale blonde locks a stylist may pre-lighten to ensure that its final hue will be vibrant enough.

Simple Curls

Burgundy curly hair boasts the added elegance and sophistication of its color. If your natural curls are undamaged, burgundy curls make an impressive statement, and finding styles that suit both personality and color shouldn’t be an issue.

Pixie bobs are an ideal style choice for girls with short burgundy locks. This timeless classic offers maximum versatility; simply wear and transform into different looks with ease. Burgundy Pixies look warm and feminine when styled with wavy highlights while they can also look chic and sophisticated when straight locks are used as highlights.

If you want to experiment with darker hues of burgundy, this balayage may be perfect. It adds subtle touches of reddish brown hue to your natural brunette color for an eye-catching and unique result.

Bright Burgundy

Burgundy stands out more against naturally darker locks than it does against lighter strands, making it the ideal hue to update their color without bleaching or dyeing an entire head of locks. Burgundy highlights can also create a subtler look than dyeing the entire head!

Vivid burgundy can make lips and cheeks appear fuller, which is particularly appealing on women with thinner skin. For a subtler approach, consider adding a burgundy ombre like Demi Lovato; its shades slowly lighten from deep burgundy at roots to orange at ends for fuller-looking locks.

If you want to elevate your burgundy locks, try something bolder like Zendaya’s reddish purple hue – it will get many compliments and surely turn heads!