How to Style a Boy Haircut Back

Honey blonde skater haircuts are great for boys with ample length and weight. They can be styled into various forms using water-soluble pomades such as slick back, combover, and spike styles.

This stylish boys’ fade haircut makes a strong statement about how clean-cut they are for school with strict dress code requirements while being adaptable enough to be styled into a messy top hairstyle for casual looks.

Undercut Fade with a Hard Part

This undercut fade with hard part style is an attractive, practical, and stylish boy haircut. It looks neat and classy and makes an excellent option for school or other formal events.

Complex parts (also referred to as side part lines) feature a razored line that divides your hair into sections, offering more definition and contrast than soft parts and matching many styles, such as fades, quiffs, comb-overs, and pompadours.

A high-contrast hard part can make an excellent addition to a low fade for men with thick or textured hair, particularly those who sport thick locks. Although more daring than the classic slicked-back undercut, this style remains sleek and stylish, perfect for formal occasions.

Drop Fade with a Quiff

A drop fade with a quiff is a striking and dramatic hairstyle that gives your locks an impressively tailored look. Additionally, this style suits all hair types and easily integrates into various other techniques.

When asking your barber for a drop fade, be specific in what you ask them for instead of asking for any type of fade, like skin or side partings. A drop fade differs from a skin fade in terms of style and look – be clear about what it entails when explaining its features to them.

This stylish guy haircut is excellent for men with thick, wavy locks. It creates an eye-catching contrast between its shaved sides and a longer top, which can be styled in many ways; parting on either side or brushing forward makes this style easy to style and show off your new cut!

Surfer Haircut

Surfer haircuts are an ideal solution for boys with wavy or curly locks who want a beachy, rugged style. This style combines elements of both “well-groomed” and “dude!” and when combined with beard or mustache growth, it becomes even more appealing!

Surfer cuts get their namesake from the stereotype that surfers typically sport sun-bleached and salt-soaked locks, giving off a rough-and-tumble appearance. To achieve this look without damaging your tresses, add matte-finish hair products.

This style is ideal for boys with smooth fades who wish to keep their hair longer at the back while shorter up top. Additionally, this haircut works well on medium to thick hair types and can easily be maintained in casual settings.

Side Part

Side Part haircuts for boys epitomize classic, stylish, and contemporary styling in one easy package. Not only is the side part a compelling style statement, but it can work beautifully with different hairstyles and facial structures and is very straightforward to maintain!

To achieve the look, your son should sport short sides and back hair with long locks combed over to one side on top. He can then use pomade or gel to secure their locks for the desired style.

This sophisticated style is ideal for special events, as its polished and refined appearance will leave him feeling confident and handsome. Combine it with a quiff fade for an even more significant effect – everyone will wonder why your little guy has chosen such an eye-catching style!

Caesar Cut

A Caesar cut can accommodate nearly every boy regardless of hair texture, length, or face shape. It allows your son to wear short locks with long fringes while offering stylish texture experiments. Furthermore, this style works exceptionally well on those with angular features, as it complements facial hair perfectly.

This Caesar style takes the classic haircut and adds modernity with a skin fade on both sides for an eye-catching haircut that works particularly well for thick textured hair.

To achieve the look, it’s essential to use a barber who understands the Caesar haircut. Additionally, using products with texture will add depth without creating a gelled-down look; try clay or dust for an ideal matte finish.