Cool Boys Haircut Trends

An effortlessly cool boys’ haircut suitable for school is a side-swept fringe that frames the face, made possible with a fine comb and lightweight gel. This hairstyle is easy to maintain while looking neat.

High Fade Haircut

This high-fade haircut for boys is one of the hottest trends. To add an individualistic twist, add a French crop or an angled fringe for an eye-catching style.

Taper Fade

The comb-over fade haircut is an elegant and contemporary style for boys that looks great. This cutting-edge style combines short fades on both the sides and back with longer locks on top that can be styled into an updo, faux hawk, or hard side part for ultimate styling options. With this cut exposing more skin than usual, take extra precautions in concealing any scars or blemishes that may exist. A beard will add an air of rugged masculinity.

Low Taper Fade

A low taper fade is similar to a regular fade, except it begins lower and ends closer to the ears. This haircut works well with most hairstyles, including comb-overs, slick back hair, or Peaky Blinders-inspired undercuts.


The mohawk is an eye-catching style for boys, making an impressionful statement and a creative way for their hair to grow naturally. Easy and quick to create with just some gel needed – you could also experiment with dyeing the locks to add even more flair! For an eye-catching variation on the classic mohawk, ask your stylist for a high fade and short sides, with long top locks. Dye them with funky colors for an unforgettable and eye-catching look. This hairstyle can also show off thick curly locks and make him stand out among his peers!

Textured Top

The textured top haircut trend for boys is one of the newest hairstyle trends, featuring a short to medium-length fringe with lots of natural texture and volume. It can be an excellent solution for boys who wish to keep their locks longer but dislike the required maintenance of longer styles. This haircut also features a hard part, which consists of a clean line shaved into the side of the head and worn as a part. This style can work for various hair textures and lengths. Textured tops pair perfectly with fades for an eye-catching and fashionable look, perfect for black kids who wish to show off their style without needing much maintenance.


A sleek pompadour with a taper fade is an iconic boys’ haircut, both attractive and stylish. Easy to maintain, all it requires is regular application of wax or hairspray. The comb-over haircut is another smart hipster boy’s cut that will attract female attention at school or other social gatherings. Combined with a beard, this look will impress girls at any event! Mexican mullets are eye-catching and distinguished, especially with a tapered fade and textured top. Perfect for formal or semi-formal occasions, maintaining this look takes only minutes each morning!

Top Knot

A top knot adapts the man bun explicitly designed to work on men with longer locks. It can be messy or sleek and pairs well with beards or shaved heads. For an adventurous touch, ask your barber to add intricate designs into the center crown braid design or even shave down sideburns for an uninhibited style! A sleek haircut on the sides and back can make this stylish style appear highly sophisticated, especially if combined with a fade. A fade distinguishes your top hairline and other parts of your locks; there are different options for creating it such as low fade or skin fade fades.

Messy Mullet

A classic yet timeless style, mullet haircuts remain fashionable among men who want to show off their fashion sense. Combining a short back and sides with a longer top, which can be styled from a pompadour to a quiff – this haircut makes an eye-catching statement of its own! The Messy Mullet blends the messy hair trend with the classic mullet haircut to create a confident, fashionable, low maintenance style requiring minimal upkeep. Customize this cut by asking your barber for a skin, bald, or burst fade on both sides; for an edgier style, add a beard or mustache for an added masculine edge!