Undercut Hairstyle Female

Undercuts have quickly become one of the hottest hairstyles for women. It involves shaving part of your head while leaving some lengthier locks at the crown. There are multiple ways to rock this style, from shaved lines to undercut designs. Here are some great examples to give you some ideas!

An Easy Transition: Subtle Undercut

An easy way to transition into this style is through a subtle undercut, combined with a center or side part – giving this look the appearance of a regular bob.

Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut is one of the trendiest hairstyles for women and can add an eye-catching element to any style. This gentleman has added even more personality with his stylish cut by dying his top layer a different color for added dimension.

Fade and Shaved Sides

Opt for a fade and shaved sides style for a classic yet eye-catching haircut. This look works exceptionally well when worn on platinum blonde locks!

Exaggerated Style: Low Disconnect

For an exaggerated take on this look, try pairing a low disconnect with skin shaving around the back for added flair. This bold style will turn heads at any event; use high-quality pomade such as Axe Ice Chill to maintain it throughout.

Layered Undercut

Female undercut haircuts are striking and customizable to any girl’s personality, as this one features an almost-invisible shaved design around the nape and temple of the neck that can be customized for any event or special occasion. Pair this look with a ponytail, bun, or braid strands for maximum impact, or add stripes for a daring appearance.

Display Your Individuality: Body Tattoos or Piercings

This undercut hairstyle for women is ideal for displaying body tattoos or piercings. Featuring freehand lines and a vibrant turquoise hue, the shaved section stands out against its background of silvery gray strands. Perfect for an informal gathering with friends or more formal events – depending on how the wearer feels!

Feminine Statement: Layered Undercut with Short Bangs

A layered undercut can make an incredibly feminine statement when styled with short bangs and short layers. This bob has an exquisite soft bowl shape with a low fade that complements the shaven side of the head, and can even be styled with pompadour bangs to complete its look.

One-Side Undercut

An undercut can become dramatically eye-catching with a skin fade around the temple area, creating an eye-catching style without drastically altering her natural hairline. Plus, its hidden or revealed side can adapt to suit her mood or outfit perfectly!

Androgynous Qualities: Short Pixie with Undercut

Some girls want to add more androgynous qualities to their feminine looks, which they can achieve by opting for a short pixie with an undercut and leaving longer locks at the top. She can use a texturizing spray to create a pompadour look.

Modern Femininity: Short Feminine Undercut

Modern femininity isn’t one-dimensional; it is multifaceted. You can express this complexity through your hair with a short feminine undercut featuring a baby blue hue and an unusual outline for its clipped sides. This style is also adaptable, making it suitable for work and special events.

Dappled Undercut

Undercut hairstyles for women are a fantastic way to express your individuality while remaining stylish. There are endless designs that can adorn an undercut; procedures can cover your whole forehead or emphasize temple areas; choose a short pixie or long bob; this trendy haircut will elevate any look!

Timeless and Versatile: Low Undercut

Consider pairing a low undercut with skin fades on both sides and back for a timeless and versatile style that can be revealed or hidden depending on the occasion. Add an undercut on one side for added drama,, go for shaved sides to highlight your cheekbones, or opt for this pixie with a temple undercut and bangs as an eye-catching look emphasizing face features.

Straight, Long Pixie with Shaved Side and Temple Undercut

A shaved side and temple undercut pair well with a straight, long pixie hairstyle, making this cut trendy. Easy to manage and style into ponytails or pompadours for casual or professional events alike, this style is ideal for women who wear their hair up at work or other places regularly.