Boys hair Styles 2021

Boys are always searching for the ideal haircut style to suit their personalities. Whether they aim for a sophisticated and dapper look or a fun and trendy one, the latest boys’ hair styles of 2021 are readily available.

Comb Over and Side Part Haircut

Short styles like comb-over and side-part haircuts give children an eye-catching appearance. To achieve a distinguished finish, pomade can be used to add texture.

Textured Crop with Fringe

The textured crop with fringe offers a fresh style with an attractive appearance. This style, a variation of the classic French yield, is perfect for men with a medium edge. It adds character to their overall look. Usually paired with a low to mid-skin fade, the textured crop frames the face beautifully, highlighting the jawline and increasing facial symmetry. This style is easy to maintain and requires little styling apart from occasional sea salt spray or matte paste application.

Taper Fade with Spikes

Taper fade hairstyles with spiky locks create an engaging and youthful appearance. They are a modern alternative to classic pompadour looks. For a taper fade with spikes, start with clean and damp hair. Apply preferred pomade or wax and use a comb or brush to distribute evenly. The resulting style can be messy or fully spiked for an eye-catching, masculine look that suits different face shapes and personalities.

Mohawk Fade

The Mohawk fade has become a favorite among boys seeking a trendy style that can be transformed quickly from a fun mohawk to a more classic look for school or work. A high fade cut adds dimension and visual contrast. Pairing a textured quiff with high fade cuts further enhances the visual texture. Consider giving your boy a taper fade mohawk for an unassuming yet sophisticated appearance. It requires regular grooming sessions for upkeep but complements any outfit.

Messy Spikes

Messy, spiky hairstyles add effortless appeal without looking disorganized. This style can be achieved using fingers or a comb, along with strong-hold hair products like clays, waxes, or fiber pomades. It works best for men who want to show their edgier side without going too extreme with spikes. This style requires a medium-length crown with low taper sides.

Long Bangs

Bangs can enhance your child’s adorable features, especially if they have dark eyebrows. They also frame square or heart-shaped faces and help hide fine lines and wrinkles. Long bangs make a statement with any haircut, especially when combined with a temple fade. This style benefits boys with straight locks who prefer short sides and longer hair on top.

Long Side Parts

A side part can enhance any face shape, but it works particularly well with longer hair. It frames the face and keeps it dapper, suiting men with fuller foreheads. Finding an ideal haircut can be challenging for long hair, but a long side part simplifies the search. By keeping the sides short and adding length on top, this cut ensures a sleek appearance and offers versatility for styling options such as quiffs. It is ideal for formal events.

Faux Hawk Fade

The faux hawk fade brings Zac Efron’s iconic style to men seeking an edgier look. Start with a fade (such as a Burst Fade) and add a broad faux hawk. Style the faux hawk using pomade, wax, or gel as desired, and finish off with hairspray. This hairstyle is excellent for men with thick locks. They can wear the faux hawk spiked or brushed down and may choose to grow out their beard to complete the look.