Top Boys Hair Styles 2021

Crew Cut

This chic yet low-maintenance crew cut features short horizontal bangs with straight edges. A hard side part and taper fade add fascinating asymmetry to its look.

Pompadour with High Skin Fade

Boys with long hair can create an eye-catching pompadour with a high skin fade for an elegant, high-contrast style.

Slicked Back Undercut

A slicked-back haircut is ideal for boys who want a stylish look. This timeless classic works on all hair textures and faces alike!

Curly Mohawk

This curly Mohawk can be easily styled using just a bit of pomade or gel for an eye-catching look that works great with older boys with longer locks. A low fade completes this stylish ensemble.

Messy Fringe Crop

Combining messy fringe and short skin fade creates a high-contrast style for this textured crop. This style is unique and versatile, perfect for thick hair types, and worn with a comb over or quiff. Add structure to your messy style using Dove Men’s Urban Messy Look Flexible Hold Hairspray, then comb forward for an attractive yet casual style.

Long Knotted Top

If your son likes his hair long, try giving him a taper fade with spikes or a tricky part. This stylish boys’ haircut can easily be maintained using matte clay or pomade. A high skin fades with a longer textured top is an appealing boys’ haircut that works well with any ensemble. Use just a tiny amount of gel to maintain this style for all-day hold.

Spiky Quiff

The middle part hairstyle has come back recently as it’s trendy and low maintenance. Framing the face, emphasizing features, and being easy to style make this style perfect for boys who prefer an appearance that requires no regular trips to their barber for touch-ups. This comb-over haircut with a high skin fade offers a distinctive design and striking visual contrast between different hair textures. Additionally, its easy maintenance requires just topical products.

Hi-Lo Fade

The Hi-Lo fade is an eye-catching hairstyle contrasting its top and well-groomed sides. Perfect for pompadours and other styles with long top hair, the Hi-Lo fade will surely draw many admirers! Boys looking for timeless style will appreciate this classic style with its high skin fade and hook part.

Comb Over

A comb-over is a fantastic style for boys that makes them stand out and look stylish. Requiring low maintenance, this hairstyle fits seamlessly into modern haircut trends, particularly with taper fade haircuts. Furthermore, this hairstyle can even be styled into a pompadour! Style it further for added style by applying a high skin fade that emphasizes the top portion. Comb overs can also be spiked up with products for additional dimension and shape.


Mohawks are an iconic boys’ hairstyle, suitable for boys of any age and perfect for showing off a rebellious side. The Mohawk is bold and eye-catching and makes an excellent statement about individuality and self-expression. This Mohawk features a distinctive zig-zag design created with gel and secured with a solid hairspray. Easy to maintain with regular haircuts and gel applications.

Crew Cut

This classic haircut for boys features a lower skin fade and a unique side design. It’s the ideal style if your child has curly locks, as it helps tame their locks while enhancing texture. Another variation on the crew cut, this textured quiff features low taper fade and challenging parts. This style is stylish yet requires little maintenance.

Line Cut

The line cut is an increasingly popular hairstyle among boys. Easy to maintain, all required to create this timeless style is some gel or pomade to spike the top! Additionally, curly locks benefit from having natural waves framing their face to build an impressive halo effect that completes the look. The hard part in this hairstyle draws the eye while the top hair fades into an elegant, high- faded finish – creating an evergreen style! This timeless classic always stays in style!

Textured Quiff

The hard part, featuring a clean line shaved into the scalp, is an effective way to add definition. This style pairs beautifully with either low or high fade for an effortlessly stylish appearance. The taper fade haircut creates a contemporary style, suitable for many lengths and textures of hair. It can be styled backward or forward for added versatility and is one of the best hairstyles to pair with a quiff.