Blonde hair Colors 2020

1. Dark roots and cool blonde lift

Dark roots get an instant lift with this cool blonde shade. If you are a brunette looking to transition to this hue, consult with your colorist.

2. Face-framing highlights for a radiant look

Face-framing highlights like these are perfect for anyone wanting to look radiant all year round. Ask your stylist for soft baby lights or teasy lights.

3. Warm Honey Blonde for all skin tones

Caramel blonde shades remain popular with both brunettes and blondes. Gigi Hadid and Mindy Kaling epitomize warm blonde, an ideal shade to enhance facial features.

4. Maximum protection for honey-blonde strands

Ensure you use a clarifying shampoo or treatment at least once every week for maximum honey-blonde strand protection. Invest in silk pillowcases and hair masks.

5. Medium Golden Blonde for depth and luster

Create dimension through texture with a blend of dark blonde lowlights and highlights. Get this stunning shade using pre-lighteners, or hire an experienced colorist.

6. Fantastic Pale Blonde for low-maintenance

Cool blonde is a delicate hue that pairs best with light skin tones. Add silvery balayage highlights for a low-maintenance yet stunning finish.

7. Soft Dark Blonde for versatility

Dark blonde complements almost all complexions and comes in warm and cool tones. Soft baby lights and tealights offer a subtle alternative for a statement look.

8. Natural Blonde for vibrancy

Blonde hair color requires effort to maintain its vibrancy. Brown to blonde balayage offers a natural way to achieve stunning blonde locks.

9. Chestnut Blonde for a darker transition

Chestnut blonde serves as a transition from blonde to dark without going too drastic. Its subtle brown tones complement every complexion perfectly.