Haircuts For Gray Hair

No matter if your hair is only partially gray or fully transitioning into gray, there are styles to help your new look shine. Experts advise adding volume and texture through styles that frame the face while highlighting its beauty.

Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts for gray hair can give your face an exquisite and feminine appearance. Go for a sleek pixie cut to highlight its natural hue, or dare more by opting for pink, blue, or green trim for something bolder.

A bob is another great style to consider for short gray hair. A chin-length style will frame the face perfectly for any face shape; natural waves should also work nicely when creating face-framing waves using sea salt sprays or leave-in conditioning treatments.

A layered bob with silver highlights is the ideal style to showcase gray hair that has started turning silver. Adding ashy or graphite balayage highlights to this short and layered bob style allows you to highlight your new grays while simultaneously adding depth and dimension to your strands.

Medium Hairstyles

Highlights and lowlights can give even fine gray locks an impressively complete and fabulous appearance. Consider going blonde around your roots before adding silver highlights or salt-and-pepper lowlights for a compelling blend of color. This approach makes transitioning to all gray locks or simply wanting some silver highlights easier – without changing up the entire style too drastically!

Straight-layered bobs are timeless classics that suit people of all ages. Ask your stylist to add face-framing layers to make the style even more flattering.

If you have curly hair, try a wavy, rounded bob to show off your playful personality and achieve structure and luminosity in your locks. Add non-greasy hair oil for frizz reduction before smoothing in curl-defining gel to lock in moisture and maintain soft strands.

Long Hairstyles

Gray hair adds an air of sophistication to any length, whether dyed or allowed to grow naturally. Highlight and lowlight with light balayage highlights like this blonde, or keep it dark for an impactful contrast that flatters your complexion.

A layered bob is another timeless style that pairs perfectly with gray hair. Easy to maintain, this cut draws attention away from any jowls you may have while also drawing focus toward the top part of your face for added definition and softening your features.

A comb-over is another stylish look ideal for highlighting gray hair. This simple style requires little care or maintenance, making it great for formal events like dinners. Or ask your barber to create a classic comb-over with clipped sides and brushed back for more casual occasions. Grazing length along your jawline helps define your face as gravity takes its course, especially important as gravity takes its approach on your chin!

Cropped Hairstyles

If you’re hesitant about going the full-bang buzz cut route, ask your stylist to trim off a few inches from the top for added shine and layer volume. This will create the ideal length to frame your face while adding volume with layers. Ensure scalp health with Necessaire Scalp Serum or OUAI hair Mask for Strong, Healthy hair to maintain proper nutrition for healthy scalp health.

Curly or kinky gray locks can still show their gray locks with pride by sporting a sleek baby afro (also known as two). The effortless style requires minimal upkeep; be sure to use a leave-in conditioner such as Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Lock to maintain moisture for smooth strands.

Gray hair provides an ideal canvas for playful highlights and bold streaks of color. Consider using silver tones to complement the greys in your locks, or opt for bolder hues like royal purple, green, or pink for maximum impact.