How to Style Boys Curly hair Cuts

If your boy has long, curly locks, try styling his haircut into a trim mohawk style. This will allow the natural curls of his coils to shape the haircut while remaining hip and stylish.

Free curls that fall in ringlets frame the face beautifully and soften any harsh facial features, creating a cute and effortless style for boys to maintain. Long Curls

If your boy has long curly locks, he can opt for a high voluminous ponytail which will stand out. This style allows him to express himself freely while showing off his wild side.

Another fantastic style choice for men with thick curly locks is an afro with a faded haircut. This look creates a more defined appearance; ask your barber to make an attractive fade and trim the sides close to the ears for maximum impact.

Try the curtain fringe look for something with a modern flair. Perfect for an effortless casual day and with minimal upkeep needs, have your barber shave down your back and sides before cutting the top into an elongated triangle shape to complete this style. Short Curls

Curly hair has an excellent and versatile style that can be styled in numerous ways. An undercut on short curls adds contrast and sharp edges that bring out its charm.

Keep it shorter and add some product for the all-day hold to ensure a sleek style, perfect for boys with thicker curls. This look works exceptionally well on boys.

If your boy has naturally long, luscious curls, try this stylish combo combining a taper fade and high top long afro ponytail to avoid them falling all over his face and give him an attractive entire appearance. Use salty texturizing spray or clay for this style! Buzz Fade

If your son has curly locks, this cute style will add even more adorableness and is easy to keep looking its best as it doesn’t last too long.

Shaved lines add an exciting and eye-catching contrast, making the look more captivating. Additionally, this cut can work particularly well for black kinky locks.

Choose between complete fade, mid fade, or straight taper styles; all aim to keep the hairline low enough for a neat and professional appearance.

Some boys opt for a style known as the high and tight recon, which combines longer locks on top with short buzz cuts or skin fades on the back and sides for an eye-catching layered effect. It works exceptionally well when worn with curly or wavy locks, creating a clean-cut appearance with black hair. Fade with Bangs

Though fade haircuts remain the go-to style for young men, some want their locks longer on top and feature bangs to make this style stand out. Length can be styled messy or smoothed up and styled using any twist styling product for a natural finish.

This boy’s textured spikes and drop fade create a stylish mohawk, which can be easily managed for school and special events. This style also looks fantastic, slicked back with a hard part for more formal occasions.

This long side-swept hairstyle is simple for boys with curly locks to maintain and perfect for growing teens who don’t wish to shorten their length quite yet, as it can be stretched between cuts. Fade with Side Bangs

Boys with long curly hair can sport styles that represent their personalities while staying within school dress code regulations. A fade cut with side bangs looks stylish and edgy when combined with a disconnected undercut.

This haircut can easily be maintained using clipper settings that give enough control, or added texture can be created through pomade or wax to provide consistency and hold.

Finn Wolfhard demonstrates the sleek style of this hairstyle by sporting long, dark curls with a high fade and side-swept quiff. This look showcases his rings while keeping them out of his way so he can focus on other things; additionally, it highlights his forehead beautifully while providing ample space for slicking back or wearing up options.