How to Style Box Braids With Hair Out

Box braids are an adorable way to show off your individuality and style while protecting your hair. They can last for eight weeks with regular maintenance! Here are some stylish ways to wear box braids with your hair out.

1. High Ponytail

A high ponytail with box braids is a simple, fun hairstyle perfect for any special event. Pull your hair into a ponytail and twist two to three large braids around it to achieve this look. Secure the braids with bobby pins or clips.

To add a fashionable touch, accessorize with gold hair cuffs and cords. This glamorous style is excellent for weddings and galas. Seal and trim your braids properly to prevent unraveling over time.

2. Half-Up Top Knot

Add beads and threads to your box braids for an eye-catching touch. You can create a criss-cross pattern with the beads and threads to elevate the visual impact. Use an edge control gel to keep your hair looking neat.

For a bold statement, try dual-toned box braids—transitioning from black braids to light blonde hues for a striking look. Letitia Wright rocks this half-up style beautifully, especially when adorned with pearls for a romantic touch.

3. Model-Off-Duty Bun

The model-off-duty bun is a popular hairstyle worn by celebrities and TikTok users. It’s perfect for casual everyday wear and gives off an effortless, relaxed vibe. To achieve this look, braid a section of hair above your ear and up towards your crown. Leave some strands around your face and secure them with bobby pins for a cool girl feel.

Add structure to the bun with hairspray and use edge control gel to tame flyaway baby hairs for a sleek finish.

4. Two-Toned Top Knot

If you do not like the traditional bun, try this eye-catching top knot with your box braids. Create braided buns secured with hair pins behind your ears and down your back. For added flair, press some braids against your forehead.

Follow Keke Palmer’s lead by opting for larger braids to ease scalp tension and manageability. The density of the knotless braids at the crown creates maximum impact. You can also incorporate small splashes of color into your braids for a standout look.

5. Baby Hairs

While box braids can be a great protective style, they should be redone periodically to prevent tangling and frizz. Use a moisturizing conditioner to maintain fresh braids and protect your hair from frizz.

To achieve an effortless look, brush your baby’s hair straight down or use edge control gel to keep them in place. If your baby hairs don’t lay flat, try jumbo box braids for a fuller appearance. Just communicate with your stylist about the tension to prevent breakage and matting of new growth.