Box Braids on Short Hair

Box braids are an elegant protective style that looks amazing on short hair. This look can even be installed using shorter strands – as fast as one and a half inches can do! To achieve optimal results with brief box braids, start with freshly washed and detangled locks before applying a leave-in hair moisturizer like Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother.

Central Parting

Box braids, generally associated with longer lengths, also come in short, easy-to-wear, and protective styles. Box braids make an effortless style perfect for an effortless morning routine; add rings or clips for dimension and a stylish edge! The central parting box braids style is an effortless yet fashionable solution to the issue of loose braids falling into one’s face. For this elegant style, sweep a dozen or so braids into one central line away from your forehead! To create this look, your stylist must blow-dry your natural hair before applying a leave-in conditioner like Black Vanilla’s Sacred Tiara to strengthen and moisturize strands. Next, they’ll divide braids into three sections by creating lines across and shorter lines down before weaving extension hair as with regular box braids; finally, they will finish by creating three braided areas using one row across and two shorter rows down for three separate braids with extension hair woven in. The result will be an effortlessly stylish and effortless style to keep upkeep!

Demi Bun

Box braids are an elegant style for short styles and look equally great when worn with demi buns, which resemble bangs without needing to tie or pin anything! Plus, this low-maintenance style requires no additional styling product! Box braids make an excellent everyday hairstyle. One option for increasing volume in a bob is to request from your stylist a deep side part with a small side-swept bun, as this will highlight your face shape while adding body. Ask your stylist to braid your hair into a half-up-half-down style for a cute and casual summer look that is suitable for almost all face shapes, but is incredibly flattering on oval and slender face shapes. Add flair with accessories like silver hair bands or braid beads; dye short box braids to give this style its personalized color scheme!

Sweep Away Braids

Box braids are simple yet elegant. But with just a bit of up do they become stunningly stunning! Try this style to show off your high forehead or thin nose by pulling up your braids into a central parting, loosely tying two of them back of your head into a demi bun or low-key pony, then add a dash of pomade for some added shine and smooth down any loose strands that may appear. Add an unexpected element to your box braids by adding colorful hair extensions. Your stylist can cornrow your own hair into thin braids before feeding in extension hair from behind for added length and volume quickly and efficiently. Finish it off with face-framing hair accessories as a sweet finishing touch, perfect for special events like weddings and proms!

Model-Off-Duty Bun

Short box braids offer an effortlessly polished protective style, perfect for elegantly protecting short locks while remaining protective at the same time. To complete your look, ask your stylist to create a deep side parting that skims the ear. Gather any leftover locks into an unruly ponytail. If your locks are short, use clear elastics to provide extra grip and prevent your strands from showing through. Add some flair to this straightforward yet chic hairdo using Emerge Edge Control gel, which captures any loose strands for an instant glossy finish. Finally, spray some hairspray of choice, and you’re good to go! If you want to protect long or medium strands of natural hair that you want to keep looking their best, ask your stylist to weave cornrows before adding box braid extensions. This will add volume and shape to your pixie cut while making it more manageable if you’re constantly moving.