Choppy Shaggy Hairstyles

Choppy Shaggy Haircuts: Vibrant and Dramatic

Choppy shaggy haircuts can make your locks appear vibrant and dramatic, especially with dark locks, as they frame the face while providing texture to the mane. Furthermore, this look works beautifully when combined with balayage, highlighting the various tones in your locks’ color spectrum.

Burgundy Dye: Depth and Vibrancy

The burgundy dye can add depth and vibrancy to your choppy shag with its deep red hues, complementing most skin tones and making any haircut stand out. The shag is a versatile haircut.

The Versatile Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is adaptable, and suitable for all hair textures and face shapes. Its versatility makes it a fantastic option for anyone experimenting with color. Be it soft blonde highlights or the popular split dye trend – the shag will give your style that classic rock-and-roll vibe.

Soft Look with Layers and Bangs

Add face-framing layers or tousled, textured bangs to your extended shag cut for a softer look. Or add colorful highlights for a bolder statement – highlights will bring out texture in your hair and make it come alive!

Cover Graying Locks with a Shag

A shag haircut is also an excellent way to cover graying locks as it will conceal their natural grays. For something different, add choppy curtain bangs – wispy layers that flip out can add an edge that draws attention directly to your eyes! This look works best on medium to thick hair with some degree of thickness or natural wave patterning. It looks good on all hair types.

Suitable for All Hair Types

The shag haircut is a highly versatile style, suitable for hair of all textures and lengths, including thin locks that need help looking fuller and more manageable. Adding colors to this style can add extra personality or frame your face and highlight its features more beautifully – pink hair looks particularly lovely, as evidenced by singer Kilo Kish who rocks a fabulous bubblegum-pink shag cut!

Styling Tips for Different hair Types

Alexa Chung demonstrates how well the shag can work on straight hair by applying texture-defining spray or mousse to damp locks before scrunching them to achieve this style. You could also blow dry your locks using a diffuser for added volume and texture; alternatively, flat ironing might give more structure but remember to apply heat protectant spray beforehand!

Pairing with Balayage

To add a bit of edge to your shag, pair it with balayage. This color technique creates a natural-looking, flowing style that highlights layers and face shapes while showing off hair color vibrancy. A shag works excellent when worn with any type of balayage – subtle, soft, bold, and dramatic! Additionally, this look works well if you want to change your style without going for an all-over change.

Shag for Curly Hair

A shag can still be an attractive style option, even if you have curly hair. Request that your stylist creates a shaggy cut with loose, face-framing layers that highlight your curls – this emo look from middle school is back with more sophistication! Just remember to spritz your curls with hydration spray every morning for optimal results.

Easy to Style

The shag is a highly adaptable hairstyle that suits nearly all hair textures and facial structures. Its signature choppy layers add volume to thin locks while hiding forehead wrinkles or fine lines; plus, its softer appearance than straight or blunt bangs makes this cut an excellent way for women who wish to make a statement with their style.

Styling Options for Different Lengths

If you have long, wavy hair, try styling it into a side-parted, choppy shag for a casual style. Add texture with Odele’s Sea Salt Texture Spray ($12) for added dimension. This style works exceptionally well on light blonde locks but can be adjusted to other hues if necessary.

Short Hair Shag

Even with short hair, you can still achieve the rock-star aesthetic of a shag with some texture spray to add grunge. To complete this style, Kilo Kish’s signature bubblegum pink shag features some dramatic ragged edges.