Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Box braid hairstyles provide many styles and options. Explore color or add an updo to add an edge. Longer box braids make an elegant high ponytail look. To add contrast, adding blonde strands is also a practical option. If you want a more ombre style, have your stylist add some blonde strands for an aesthetically pleasing transition into black hair color. This stunning style makes the perfect statement at any event!


Split-dye hairstyles offer an exciting way to express yourself. This trend involves parting your locks down the middle and dying each half in different hues, from bright and bold shades to subtler, more natural hues. Half-dye looks are versatile enough for women of any color and texture to sport successfully. Professional hair salons typically do an exceptional job of evenly dividing strands so they blend in seamlessly, creating this style that flatters every woman. Split-dye looks are incredibly versatile, as Fromis_9’s Lee Nagyung showed for their 2020 comeback “Love Bomb.” She rocked an eye-catching Harley Quinn look of blue and pink that stood out against her long, wavy locks and turned heads wherever she went. To maintain your split-dye hair at its best, use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, avoid heat styling tools altogether, and perform deep conditioning treatments once every week.


Red is an eye-catching hue, drawing immediate attention to your box braids. A range of shades is available, so it should be easy to find one that complements your complexion – purple gives off a luxurious appearance, while pink can create playful yet feminine vibes. If you prefer something with softer lines, pair your box braids with a headband for an elegant and casual look. Headbands come in various styles ranging from floral patterns and solid hues; alternatively, opt for sleek ponytails to keep hair out of the way. Space buns are an effortlessly chic look perfect for any special event. Inspired by 90s fashion, this hairstyle can be worn with box braids of various thicknesses for added texture. To avoid getting caught by any passing car or being tugged upon accidentally. Ensure your braids are tucked tightly so they won’t get caught or pulled on accidentally!


If you want to add some pizzazz to your look, embellishing your braids with pearls, cuffs, beads, or wire is a simple yet beautiful way to elevate your style and show off your personality. It will boost the way people perceive you while showing your unique aesthetic! If your braids are long enough, pulling them up into a high ponytail is a great way to give them fuller volumes while keeping them out of your face and away. Red box braids are an iconic and eye-catching style. From subtle shades like burgundy to more striking hues like cherry red, this look will turn heads. Space buns are trending and look fabulous with all hair styles – especially box braids! Easy to create and perfect for any special event or to try yourself at home, Space Buns makes an instant style upgrade that works great in every circumstance. Pull back and leave out some face-framing strands for an unexpected twist!


Some of the decade’s most fashionable styles come back into mainstream culture every few years – the 90s is no different! You can channel Sarah Michelle Gellar and Baby Spice’s era from flipped ends and crimped hair with some easy-to-create looks from that period. Flip out your ends for an adorable and playful half-up that will get many complements – pair this look with a headband or scrunchie for an ideal day-to-night look! Add an unexpected 90s flair to your lob or mid-length haircut by styling face-framing mini braids tucked behind your ears for an understated 90s touch. Spray some texturizing spray for added texture, or embellish this look using colorful ribbons! If you prefer tomboy style, opt for a boyish pixie cut similar to Kendall Jenner. For added drama and throwback appeal, bleach your locks white blonde for maximum impact.