Box Braid Hairstyle Ideas

If you have beautiful long box braids, consider adding a splash of color. A burnt red shade would make an eye-catching statement. This 90s trend has come back in recent years and can make wearing braids fun and flirty, particularly when combined with cute accessories.


Box braids are an elegant protective style perfect for summer. Wear your braids out of your face for added protection, or create an updo suitable for special events by styling them into a ponytail; it will show off your beautiful ‘do. To maintain a sleek, polished appearance, use a lightweight hairspray or mist to smooth over your scalp and edges. This will help reduce frizz while keeping your ‘do look fresh throughout the day. Try this high ponytail with crochet braids and reverse French braid for a fun yet sophisticated style. This look oozes confidence and elegance – making it suitable for everyday wear or formal events! For added drama or an unexpected pop of color, this style works particularly well when worn with long wavy lengths like Dascha Polanco has!


Headbands are timeless styles, suitable for wear with box braids of various lengths and thicknesses. Add colorful elastic bands for pops of color. A headband makes for an excellent casual yet feminine look! Purple braids will make an unforgettable statement, exuding royalty and strength. Wear a matching outfit for maximum effect. If you prefer more feminine looks, try opting for a high bun with face-framing pieces or using lightweight edge control products for smoother edges. If you love the 90s, add large scrunchies to your braids for an eye-catching and retro look. This style makes for an exciting day out or photo session; using hair pins or clips will keep them in place.

Silver Braids

Subtle touches of color add flair and personality to your braids, giving them an eye-catching statement about you and your personality. If you are a blonde girl, try using purple or gold hair color in your braids for an eye-catching waterfall of hues. Add bubble braids for an eye-catching statement look! Create these braids from all or parts of your head strands; this bold touch adds glamour and individuality. Crown braids are another versatile hairstyle perfect for special events. Wrap several strands of your braids around the base of your head, pining them securely. Use your braids to form an elegant high ponytail like Marsai Martin for a low-maintenance look. Remember that flyaways may appear around the crown area; therefore, hairspray is necessary to achieve this look.

90s Braids

Crimped hairstyles are an easy and effective way to channel the 90s look and style while remaining trendy for today’s poker events. Crimping can add that special something when dressing for theme parties. Braids that have been twisted into ropes and secured with a scrunchie are another excellent choice for 90s styles. These braided ropes can be worn in a ponytail, bun, updo, or bob style for various looks; using patterned or velvet scrunchies adds even more style and modernity. Box braids were popular during the 90s and are making a comeback today. Crafted with Afro-textured natural hair, box braids provide protection from heat and humidity and are frequently seen at celebrity events; they can even be styled into low ponytails with bangs.