Best Haircuts For Asian Hair

Asian hair lends itself well to various styles. From faux hawk fades and undercuts to long slicked-back undercuts and even an edgy pixie cut with layered fringe, we have your desired cut in stock.

Men with thick, textured hair should try with tapered sides for an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance style. This look looks sexy and flattering while being easy to maintain.

Short Spiky Hair with a Low Skin Fade

Short, spiky hair can be easily styled for men to create an edgy look, providing easy daily maintenance. The key to maintaining it is keeping the sides short while parting it side-parted using gel or pomade. This will balance out its thick texture while making daily styling more straightforward.

Men with medium-length Asian hair can utilize either a skin fade or taper fade for a classic style, or they can use their locks to sculpt an array of looks such as comb-overs, pompons, quiffs, and faux hawks.

Men with Asian hair can showcase their bold sense of fashion with a long, slicked-back undercut or loose man bun, adding an edge of sexiness to any ensemble. It makes an excellent option for casual wear that remains stylish yet comfortable and neat.

Spiked Comb Over with Tapered Sides

Not the most eye-catching style, this casual hairstyle works well for many Asian men. Tightly cropped sides create a low-maintenance look while emphasizing the thick textures of the hair. Pair this look with any popular haircut for an eye-catching and trendy look!

This style provides a versatile option for men who wish to transition between a professional business look and an edgy bad-boy image. The comb-over fade draws attention upward to highlight height, which can be exaggerated further by brushing the top hair into delicate spikes. Easy maintenance makes this haircut look great with any color. Additionally, tapered sides add an air of refinement – especially when combined with side-swept fringes!

Short Spiky hair with a Burst Fade and Line-Up

Men with short hair can add an exciting twist to their style by pairing a taper fade with a textured fringe for a modern take on the classic bowl cut that emphasizes their voluptuous top while leaving their sides cleanly trimmed.

This trendy style works particularly well with Asian hair, balancing straight fringe with spiky texture. The textured top creates an eye-catching modern look that pairs nicely with side-parted lightweight pomade and modest mustache or stubble.

Long hairstyles work particularly well on Asian men’s hair. From messy man buns and loose ponytails, to undercuts with sleek lines or pompadours, long Asian styles offer something suitable to each personality and preference. Furthermore, many more extended types can be enhanced further with low skin or taper fades for added dimension or to create an eye-catching appearance.

Long Spiky hair with a Man Bun

Spiky hairstyles have become one of the trendiest looks for Asian men, and this look takes them even further. A combination of spiky fringe and low skin fade come together beautifully for an eye-catching appearance that will turn heads.

Thick texture casual styles such as this are an ideal way to wear Asian hair, as they allow it to remain long but add volume and dimension. A low skin fade draws attention upward and highlights height, creating a contemporary and flattering style.

A comb-over with fade is an excellent option for Asian hair as it offers a professional yet sophisticated look that works in business and social settings. To maintain this style, simply apply light pomade to the top layers and tousle the top to achieve a well-styled look.

Spiky Hair with Blunt Bangs

The Asian fade haircut creates an eye-catching tapered style, ideal for men who prefer keeping their sides short. Combine this cut with trendy styles such as pompadours, faux hawks, or an angular fringe for a sleek and modern aesthetic. Or grow out your long, spiky locks using lightweight styling products for more casual attire.

Curtain cuts first gained popularity during the 1900s but are returning thanks to TikTok and K-dramas. This medium-length style combines a blunt fringe with a short back and sides for an iconic, casual look. To achieve it, apply lightweight products before brushing hair upwards for definition – this works great with any regard, from jeans with a t-shirt to chinos with a sweater.