Blonde Ombre Short hair Styles

This light ash blonde ombre is the perfect way to transform medium-length straight hair. Starting with rich chocolate roots and progressing toward taffy blonde near the ends.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone has long been one of Hollywood’s go-to redheads, and she made waves this year with an adorable blonde ombre cut featuring strawberry blonde locks styled into side-swept bangs and a classic ponytail.

Rose Byrne

Ombre is often associated with dramatic dark-to-light transitions; however, this style can also be used for subtle color blending and fade effects. Rose Byrne shows us just that with her stunning chin-length bob styled with highlighted caramel brown roots that transition seamlessly to sun-kissed blonde strands.

Jessica Alba

The blonde ombre short hair look looks particularly stunning on curly locks, whether they are complete and voluminous or need assistance from a curling iron to achieve fuller coils. Your curls will stand against a dark base that fades to a bright strawberry-blonde hue. The Honest Company founder demonstrates how beautifully an ombre transition works on short and longer hair lengths. Her combination of smoky eyes, beach waves, and this light brown to wet sand blonde shade is an enchanting example.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is an iconic style icon and has demonstrated how an ombre looks fantastic on short hair. Her brown hue fades seamlessly into cream blonde and orchid pink for an incredible look. She features long, choppy bangs that beautifully frame her face, creating an intriguing yet chic aesthetic when worn with cat eye makeup. She also showcases a darker, more natural rum and raisins hue with her blonde bob. This shade can help those who struggle to commit to bold or vibrant shades find something they like.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is known as an ever-evolving beauty icon, and she recently chose a blonde ombre bob that is straight and sleek for effortless style. This look would suit those seeking effortless chicness without breaking their bank account! Papanikolas admires this brown-to-chai-tea ombre color of this bob, as she considers it a great way to transition lighter shades while still keeping enough depth and richness in your hue. Additionally, its piecey and textured ends lend this style an edged-up appeal.

Rum and Raisin

Even darker roots can be the perfect canvas for an ombre style, as seen with this tequila sunrise-inspired shade. Beginning at coffee brown roots and ending on milky blonde, just like your drink of choice, this hue features coffee brown, caramel foam middle section, and then ends with milky blonde ends for the final flourish.

Evening Shadow

Evening Shadow is a fantastic way to add color and dimension to your natural strands. This dark brown to blonde ombre hairstyle looks gorgeous on almost all skin tones! If you love bold hues, consider trying this brown-to-ash blonde ombre. The warm chestnut brown shade contrasts beautifully with light ash blonde for an impressive result. This platinum blonde to ash brown ombre is perfect for anyone wanting to add style and distinction to their strands this summer! Plus, it is an effective way of revitalizing an otherwise static type!


You can still achieve an attractive brown-to-blonde ombre look even with short hair. This beautiful cappuccino ombre style starts at the base of your locks and transitions seamlessly to light blonde around the edges of your face for a stunning cappuccino look. Another idea suitable for shorter haircuts is this rich caramel shade, shown on a pixie crop. Showcase its beautiful balayage effect by creating vintage-inspired waves to accentuate its look.