Blonde Haircuts 2020

With each new year comes an overwhelming urge to switch things up – and what better way than with a beautiful blonde hair color change?

Layered Platinum Blonde

Use this layered platinum blonde look for an Ivy League-inspired style that looks best on women with thin, straight locks.

Soft Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is a stylish variation of classic blonde that complements all skin tones, from darker silver-gray hues to white blonde with iridescent highlights and everything in between. If you’re searching for an ash blonde hue, try this trendy balayage, that skillfully blends platinum blonde with wheat blonde. The result will create a seductive and stunning shade that will turn heads!

Subtle Ombre Design

This subtle ombre design is another fantastic light ash blonde look, ideal for long and wavy bob hairstyles. The darker roots provide the perfect contrast against the light ash blonde shade, while its flipped-up ends give this style its striking structure.

Soft Lilac Highlights

If you need more time to get for an all-out ash-blonde look, add soft lilac highlights instead! Lilac is one of the trendiest hues of 2020, and looks gorgeous when mixed with an icy ash blonde base. Ensure that using low ammonia bleach is used gradually with your colorist so the process remains as comfortable as possible for both of you.

Dark Golden Blonde

Layered blonde styles can help make your dark brown strands shine in an understated yet eye-catching manner. Your stylist can add peachy highlights over a honey-based color for an autumn-appropriate golden tone that stands out.

Warm Golden Blonde Balayage

If your natural dark brown hair shade is uncooperative, try switching things up with this warm golden blonde balayage style that works well on various hair lengths and looks exceptionally stylish when worn wavy or with side-swept bangs.

Ivy League Cut for Fine Blonde Hair

If you have fine blonde hair and want an effortlessly sophisticated look, an Ivy League cut may be needed to complete any casual or sophisticated occasion. It is super easy to maintain and suitable for most events. To add a feminine flair, ask your stylist for a bob haircut with side-combed bangs that frame your face for added dimension and keep you on trend all year round. This blonde hairstyle for men makes for sleek styling with long-lasting trends!

Dark Red Blonde

One popular hair color idea for blondes is to sport a dramatic dark red shade with blonde highlights. It’s a striking look, though more maintenance may be required due to shampooing with cold water to prevent fading – yet this style will certainly stand out and make you shine!

Deep Auburn with Blonde Streaks

Deep auburn with blonde streaks can also make for an eye-catching hair color choice, as its warm tones complement various skin tones well. Furthermore, this shade adds dimension and depth to longer styles like Mindy Kaling’s chestnut red bob.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry blonde balayage offers another way to achieve vibrant yet natural-looking hair color, perfect for brunettes looking to try blonde without making an indecision commitment and starting out darker at the roots and gradually lightening to golden honey at the ends for an irresistibly strawberry blonde effect.

Light Golden Blonde

Light golden blonde is an effortless hue that looks good for any event, from brunch with friends to formal meetings. Make this hairstyle sleek and well-groomed, so you appear ready for anything.

Tousled Golden Blonde Look

Alternately, for an unrulier look, you could tousle your golden blonde locks for a more unruly style and pair it with a hoodie and roughly cut jeans to create a rocker aesthetic.

Light Beige Waves

If your natural waves are curly, consider opting for a light beige hue with plenty of sun-kissed highlights. This versatile hairstyle suits many dressing styles and facial structures alike.

Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Blonde highlights and lowlights are an effective way to add depth to your hair, according to Bonondona. She recommends scheduling appointments every two to three months for touch-ups to maintain a brilliant champagne blonde hue, which looks incredibly gorgeous on kinky-textured or wavy locks with its combination of gold and peach tones – it truly creates an exquisite aesthetic!