Blonde hair Ideas For Brunettes

There are so many gorgeous blonde hair ideas for brunettes. If you’re naturally dark-haired, consider dipping into the other side of the spectrum with some gorgeous purple shampoo or conditioner. Whether you’re planning to dye that a rich shade of brown or try something different, there are plenty of options to consider. No matter what your natural color is, you can embrace the multi-dimensional look with a few subtle highlights.

There are plenty of gorgeous blonde hair ideas for brunettes, and some of them are even a little unusual. While you should definitely avoid overdoing it, you can try a bit of heat to add some extra warmth to that. Whether you have dark brown or black roots, a few mahogany highlights in that will definitely do the trick. This will also make that look more lively and vivacious, and you can add a bit of extra volume.

If you’re a brunette, you can use blonde hair ideas to spice up your look. This beautiful color can work well with brown or black skin, and it is also easy to maintain. Unlike a redhead, blondes don’t need frequent salon visits and can maintain the look for months. Here are 40 ideas for a beautiful, healthy blonde-brown color. You can also try a natural-looking highlight to add texture and dimension to that.