Alt Right Hair Cut

One of the more interesting things I have seen on the internet is an alt right hair cut. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this movement, it consists of people whose politics center around the pale-right or right-wing community, and are commonly identified as a faction within the “alt-right” movement. This group is often represented by wearing clothing that supports the theme of the movement, and carrying around stickers, tattoos, and other forms of visual art that promote their conservative ideals. Alt-right politics is a fascinating thing, and I am not sure that I would want to be associated with it (perhaps too closely), but I will say that there are some things about the alt right hair cut that I find rather attractive.

Alt Right hair Cut – An Alternative to the Old Right hair Cut

So what is an alt right hair cut all about? It’s the kind of hair cut that could have been designed by some sort of hippie, with its off-center part cutting over the top of the head, framing a pointed, curved back. The growing trend among many hair cutters and artists is to make their work more experimental, edgy, and “hip” with a more slanted, cartoonish style to it. With the trend towards off-center part framing the entire head in a more angular, blunt style, along with the growing popularity of wallpapers as a decorative feature, alt right hair cut is taking the country by storm.