Blonde Hair Style Ideas For Anime Girl

Blonde hair isn’t a new trend in the anime industry, but it’s still a little unusual for many anime girls to have such a ‘do. Some examples of anime characters with blonde hair include Violet Evergarden, Kaori Miyazono, Tsumugi Kotobuki, and Mikela Hyakuya. In addition, blonde hair is often associated with anime characters like Death Note’s Misa Amane and Launch, from Dragon Ball Z. Other examples include the characters from Naruto, Kirino, and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo.


Yami has long blonde hair and dark red eyes. She has a child-like figure, but she can change into an adult shape when she needs to. However, she chooses to keep her child-like appearance during battles. Her Hair color and body shape are often noted by characters, and some have made note of her thighs.

Yami’s personality was once portrayed as heartless, but she had a heart and was a playful child. After Eden took her away, she was left with very few memories of her past life. Like Mea, Yami was left in a position where she couldn’t have expressed her feelings. However, as the series progressed, her emotions started to surface. Rito’s kindness and warmth made Yami remember her childhood.

Yami has excellent martial arts skills. Her physical combat skills are almost as powerful as her transformation power. In fact, she even beat the school principal without transformation. She is also proficient with her regular Katana, which she made herself out of her hair. She also has enhanced strength and can withstand heavy attacks.

Another characteristic that distinguishes her from other girl characters is her blonde hair. It is also a common trait amongst anime girls. There are plenty of characters with blonde Hair, and some of them are just known for being blonde. While some anime characters are known for their color, others are known for their style.

Yami’s hair is naturally blonde and is curly. Her Hair is typically styled in two puffy ponytails and tied with black bows. Her bangs, however, fall naturally on her face.


Misa is a 13-year-old girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is very popular as a model and singer. She has a crush on Light Yagami. She refers to herself in the third person, “Misa-Misa”, and is often hyperactive. She sometimes poses as a second Kira to attract attention.

While Misa is very attractive, there are some problems with her appearance. First of all, her blonde hair is too light for her complexion. She also has unflattering, dreary clothes that make her look even more unkempt. Her appearance makes her a poor role model for younger girls.

The manga shows the first half of Misa’s life, but does not reveal her fate. She was last seen at the Teito Hotel, and Ohba later says it is because of the lack of a situation. Ultimately, she kills herself a year after Light dies.

Another reason for Misa’s blonde hair is that she is not Japanese by blood. Her mother may have been of white European descent. In a previous anime, Misa would have been a shinigami, but for the circumstances of Driven to Suicide, she was not able to achieve this goal.

Misa has blonde Hair and light brown eyes. Her hair color is the only thing she has in common with Rem, who has brown and black hair. Her blonde hair is a common trait in a Japanese character. However, it does make her stand out when compared to Rem. She looks a lot like a nerdy version of a pop star!

Despite her ethereal appearance, Misa is a very beautiful character. Her long, blonde hair is perfect for capturing a man’s heart. She is capable of winning the hearts of any man, whether it is Light or Red. The dark side of her soul can’t stand up to her charisma, but her blonde hair can make a man’s heart.


When the two siblings were introduced, the two were both very different from each other. They barely talked to one another, and were often hostile to one another in almost every situation. While it may seem odd to see the two of them bonding over a photo sticker, it may be that they were just having a good time. Considering the aloofness between them, it seems a bit exaggerated to raise suspicions in this case.

Kirino’s hair is blonde and her eyes are blue. Although she’s not openly gay, she’s also very obsessed with eroges and anime that involve little sisters. While this obsession may be related to her close relationship with her older brother, it may also be a sign that she’s secretly bisexual.

Kirino’s blonde hair is a shade of strawberry blonde. It curls around her cheeks and is held back by pink hairclips. Her parting is zigzag, as it should be. Her long front pieces fall over her shoulders, and her back hair is wavy and full. While Kirino’s hair is very pretty, it can be a bit unruly when viewed from the side.

Kirino is a go-getter. She has an intense interest in anything she finds interesting. Her overachiever nature has led her to achieve above-average marks in school. As a result, she has developed a perfectionist attitude. However, when the odds are against her, she struggles to maintain her motivation and shows her softer side.

Despite her privileged upbringing, Kirino’s hair is not exactly what you would expect. She has a beautiful head of hair that covers her neck and covers her cheek. As a result, she has a very striking appearance, as you’d expect from a young anime character.

Tsumugi Kotobuki

Tsumugi Kotobuki has blonde long hair and blue eyes. She plays the keyboard in the band Ho-kago Tea Time. Her hair is tied in a long ponytail. Her eyes are sapphire blue. Tsumugi’s outfit is mostly white, with black and white detailing on the upper body. Her hair falls over her right shoulder, tied with a violet ribbon.

Tsumugi was home-schooled when she was a child, but she is now curious about the outside world and has a childhood friend named Sumire Saito. This friend was the first person to introduce Tsumugi to the world of “yuri” manga.

Tsumugi Kotobuki has blonde highlights in her hair, as is the case with many female anime characters. She has a lovely character design and a strong will, but is not afraid to stand up to selfish people. She is also a talented pianist and dreams of seeing the world. Kaede, meanwhile, runs a candy shop, and is a friend to Renge.

The anime series Death Note features many characters with blonde hair. Her spiky blonde hair stands out in contrast to her darker skin. She has a very similar look to Haruhi Suzumiya, but is not quite as attractive. She has a cute blue eye, and her blonde hair is beautiful.

Mugi’s blonde hair has been attributed to her mother. Her mother, who is Finnish, has blonde hair. In the anime, however, it is unclear how her mother got her hair so light. It is unknown if her mother’s identity was revealed to the world before the movie was released, but Mugi treats her half-sister like a sister. She is known as ‘ojou-sama’ at home and ‘onee-chan’ at school.


Usagi has blonde hair, which is unusual for anime characters. Despite being a human, the character has a mystical power that makes her able to use her powers for good. In her manga series, Usagi has a complicated relationship with Rei, but she has shown an interest in other boys and girls.

Her blonde hair is a symbol of her mystical powers and her friendship with other people. When she is a teenager, she is an accident-prone crybaby. But one day, she meets a mysterious cat with a crescent moon on its forehead, named Luna. She introduces Usagi to her new role as the Sailor Moon by giving her a magical brooch that allows her to transform into the mystical creature known as Sailor Moon. The cat also tells her that she is a Guardian of peace and that she must rescue the princess.

While Usagi is usually a fair-haired heroine, her hair is a different color when she changes to a silvery white as Neo-Queen Serenity. This change is not as dramatic as the manga version, but it is similar nonetheless. Usagi is also lazy and clumsy, two characteristics that make her a relatable character.

Usagi is a female superhero from the Silver Millennium. She is a human reincarnation of her mother, who sent her to Earth as a child. Eventually, she will give birth to a daughter, Chibiusa, and become “Sovereign of the Earth” by the 30th century.

As the lead heroine in the Sailor Moon manga and anime series, Usagi is one of the most popular anime girls with blonde hair. Though her first appearance is a weak, crying baby, she later grows into a tougher, more courageous Sailor Guardian.