How to DIY Blonde at Home

Blonde hair color can be stunningly beautiful, yet one of the more complex shades to DIY at home. Unless your natural hue is blonde, professional assistance should be sought to assist in lightening from dark to blonde and foil highlighting of your dark locks to blonde.

Switch to a Darker Dirty Blonde Shade

Try switching things up by switching to a darker dirty blonde shade that highlights your roots while not bleaching them completely – this will allow your hair to grow out naturally, with an undone and lived-in appearance.

Ammonia-Free Hair Color

Ammonia-based hair coloring products can harm the environment and sensitive skin, leading to scalp irritation. Thanks to modern technology, ammonia use has essentially become unnecessary; now, semi or demi-permanent ammonia-free products provide beautiful hues without harsh smells or damaging side effects.

Nourishing Oils for Healthy Locks

Many ammonia-free hair coloring products incorporate nourishing oils to leave your locks healthy and more luminous after coloring, such as Garnier Olia hair color with 60% oil blend – which promises silky locks three times more radiant after treatment!

Leave Drastic Changes to Professionals

Though at-home hair color offers many advantages, it is still best to leave drastic changes like foil highlighting or color correction to professionals. Semi or demi-permanent colors should also be used if bleaching your strands; they may protect their integrity more.

Ammonia-Free Highlight Kits

An ammonia-free highlight kit such as Revlon Frost and Glow can add dimension without damage for those not ready for full-color services. This includes a highlight cap, mixing tray spatula, highlighting powder, and an after-color conditioner!

Test Different Shades with Semi-Permanent hair Color

Semi-permanent hair color is ideal for testing out different shades without making long-term commitments. It allows you to quickly test out pink shades without making an irreversible commitment – giving you ample opportunity to determine if you genuinely like it and if it fits your complexion.

Addressing Semi-Permanent Stains on Blonde Locks

Blonde hair can easily stain when exposed to temporary dyes. To address semi-permanent stains on blonde locks, try washing with a clarifying shampoo designed to remove residue buildup, such as dye stains.

Refresh and Add Shine with Demi-Permanent Colors

Demi-permanent hair colors for blondes offer a solution to refresh existing hues. Unlike semi-permanent dyes, which won’t lighten natural colors, demi-permanents use low levels of hydrogen peroxide to gently open up hair shafts and deposit color, adding a subtle shine.

Challenges of Attaining Platinum Blonde

Attaining blonde locks, especially platinum can be challenging when going it alone. If your hair is dark enough, bleach will likely need to be applied multiple times before reaching your desired shade.

Semi-Permanent At-Home Hair Color for Blonde Locks

A semi-permanent at-home hair color is available in four light blonde hues. It ranges from warm honey and butterscotch shades for warmer complexions to cool ash and wheat hues for cooler ones. Its formula contains moisturizing shea and avocado oils for soft and shiny results, and it’s also ammonia and PPD-free!

Virtual Hair Color Consultation

This brand offers an online “virtual hair color consultation,” where you can video chat with an expert and virtually try on different blonde shades before dying your hair. They do not contain resorcinol, which can dry out the scalp and hair over time.

Wide Selection of Blonde Shades

Among the at-home hair color brands tested, this one stood out for its wide selection of blonde shades and straightforward application. Formulated without ammonia or PPD and gentle enough for bleached hair, its formula contains nourishing ingredients like shea, avocado oils, and vitamin E to hydrate dry, damaged locks. The kit includes a colorant, developer, and an ampoule of grapeseed oil for quick and easy application with immediate results.