Brad Pitt Short Hairstyles

No matter his style – from his faux hawk in early 2007 to a close-shave military buzz cut in Inglourious Basterds – Brad Pitt can pull off any haircut. Additionally, his talent lies in mixing styles into an easy, ance look that suits all occasions and people.

Short Casual Straight Hair

One of the easiest and simplest styles for guys with medium hair is short casual straight hair. This style involves keeping the top portion even and then combing back. It works well for Brad Pitt and can be a versatile, low-maintenance option.

Undercut with Side Part

Brad Pitt is well known for wearing various short hairstyles, but his signature crew cut with a side part is ideal for achieving a celebrity look without needing to grow the hair longer. It suits most men well and creates volume on thin scalps. This style was featured in the movie Troy and looked fantastic on Pitt.

Semi-Blonded Hair

Brad Pitt has experimented with different hair colors and looks great with a natural-looking semi-blonded style. He often wears a low ponytail style or slicked-back hairstyle, ideal for men with medium or long locks. This timeless classic makes any event seem elegant and sophisticated while looking stylish at once. He has even sported a blonde mullet as a statement look.

Short Messy Hair

An increasingly popular style for men is longer hairstyles, and Brad Pitt can successfully pull off a short messy hair look. With this style, the locks are styled into an easy, slick back but kept long at the back, giving a casual yet seductive appearance. Pitt has featured this hairstyle in his film Se7en, which remains one of his signature looks.

Angelic Hair

Brad Pitt’s angelic hairstyle includes short textured locks with side partings and a product for shine. It is more formal than his usual appearance and suits Pitt perfectly. He has been seen sporting this look at the London premiere of Babylon.

Overall, Brad Pitt is known for his ability to rock various hairstyles and create a unique and captivating look for any occasion.