Blond Hairstyles 2020

Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon are taking full advantage of the season with beach blonde hairstyles. This vibrant hue looks luminous against fair complexions, adding dimension and vibrancy. This stylish cut is ideal for formal or night-out occasions and will look incredible on most women. Its low maintenance requirements and age group compatibility makes this ideal all year long.

Dark Blonde Ombre

Dark blonde ombre is the ideal look for natural brunettes who desire an effortless style, which allows them to go longer between salon appointments. This hair color trend features warm caramel tones that smoothly transition into strawberry blonde color without crossing over into brown territory. For maximum impact and longevity this striking balayage should be worn loosely curled to highlight all its different hues and maintain a healthy looking mane.

Paramore-inspired Red to Blonde Ombre

If you’re a fan of Paramore, why not recreate their signature red to blonde ombre shade that exudes rock star flair. The darker roots blend seamlessly with lighter ends for an aesthetically pleasing sun-kissed effect!

Burnt Blonde Ombre

When it comes to ombre hair colors, few look as stunning as this rich mahogany brown shade that seamlessly transitions into golden blonde hues at the midshaft and ends of this look. It offers an easy transition from dark to light that complements any complexion perfectly.

Lilac as a Pastel Accent

Pink lovers take note: Lilac can make for an ideal pastel accent color without going all-out with bubblegum pink. Furthermore, it provides an excellent alternative to icy blonde which may sometimes look too stark against dark brunette hair.

Golden Blonde Ombre

Add a subtle golden blonde tint to your locks for an effortlessly natural and flattering look. Light or darker roots can be combined with golden highlights for an overall seamless effect that complements most complexions. This option works particularly well on women with naturally medium to light brown locks who want something warm up their look and bring their complexions out more.

Dark Reddish Blonde Balayage

Dark reddish blonde shades such as this chestnut brown ombre balayage is ideal for women with pink or warm skin tones, providing an eye-catching transition that complements any wavy hair style.

Light Blonde Ombre

Light blonde ombre shade is an effortless way to instantly update dark hair without too much maintenance commitment. This look looks adorable on any length and works beautifully for all skin tones!

Beachy Blonde Ombre

This beachy blonde ombre is an eye-catching way to showcase your long wavy locks! The mixture of warm and cool tones provides a striking contrast against natural brunettes’ dark hair color; in addition, its beachy shade complements your complexion perfectly.

Paramore-inspired Balayage

Hayley Williams of Paramore wears this stunning balayage that exudes rockstar status. Designed to highlight her cheekbones and lengthen her facial structure, its dark brown roots effortlessly merge into its lighter blonde hue for an undivided color transition.

Pink Blonde Ombre

Bring out your inner princess with rosy pink hues that evoke Princess Peach vibes. This girly hue makes the ideal casual beach and festival look. Pair this hue with soft feminine cuts like bob for an ethereal effect.

Lived-in Brown with Subtle Blonde Highlights

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an all-out blonde ombre look, try this subtle lived-in brown look that combines dark roots with light blonde highlights for an in-between look that keeps brassiness at bay while gradually turning into an elegant silver hue without frequent touch-ups.

Honey Blonde Ombre

Like buttery brown-to-gold honey ice cream that drips down your favorite cone, this beautiful blond hair color idea is absolutely exquisite. It works best on light skin tones and looks especially lovely when styled into beachy waves.

Transitioning Brunettes with Balayage Techniques

This lovely shade of blond hair color is perfect for brunettes who are just beginning their transition towards blonde, without the risk of going full platinum or icy blonde. Achieved through subtle balayage techniques which only lift colors from the top few inches of your strands, it makes the transition smooth and enjoyable.

Warm Honey Brown to Chestnut Brown Ombre

If you’re not quite ready to commit to full ombre or balayage, try this warm honey brown to chestnut brown ombre – it’s easy and beautiful. Trim regularly while using moisturizing shampoo without sulfate for ongoing upkeep!

Gold Blonde Ombre

Golden blonde hues create luxurious and lush atmospheres when worn with the appropriate hairstyle, radiating rich and luxurious vibes. Perfect for light complexions, golden blonde shades brighten skin while complimenting both warm and cool undertones in harmony.

Subtle Golden Highlights

If you aren’t ready for a full platinum dye job, ask your stylist to add subtle golden highlights throughout your blonde locks – this look looks so natural it could pass for your natural shade!

Ombre Red and Blonde Style

Donning an ombre red and blonde style with a darker base is also possible, like Paramore’s Hayley Williams has done here. Your coppery strands can gradually fade into golden blonde hue for an eye-catching gradient that exudes rockstar energy.