The Triangle Haircut is a Popular and Flattering Style For Women With Triangle Faces

The triangle haircut is popular and flattering to women with triangle faces. It’s easy to see famous celebrities with this haircut, including Reese Witherspoon, Tyra Banks, and Rihanna. Before you decide to go under the scissors, learn all you can about the types of haircuts and styles for this face shape. It’s never too late to learn how to get the look that suits you. Here are a few tips for finding the best hairstyle for your triangle face shape.

victoria beckham’s hairstyle


As a pop star, Victoria Beckham has been a fixture on the fashion scene. Her adventurous sense of style has led to various hairstyles, from a pixie cut to a headful of extensions. While she is known for her unique style, Beckham’s hair has always been a focus of attention. She first met her husband, football superstar David Beckham, through his friend Eva Longoria. Eva spoke candidly about her friendship with Beckham and said that the two are “girlie girls.”


The lob haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles worn by Victoria Beckham. It’s flattering to most facial shapes and can give a mature feel. Celebrity hair stylist Dom Seeley, international creative director of ColorWow, suggests a blunt cut with long layers throughout. Another option would be a layered bob with choppy layers at the cheekbone. Regardless of the bob style, Beckham’s hair is always perfectly styled.

Rua’s triangular haircut


Jay Rua’s new haircut is causing a stir online. The Las Vegas stylist posted a video of the hairstyle below the shoulders. Rua snipped several inches of hair with diagonal triangle cuts. Then, he trimmed the angles to create a clean and sleek style. The result is a sharp, stylish cut that’s sure to attract attention. The triangular shape creates a masculine vibe and is perfect for people with triangle faces.


There are a few types of triangular face shapes. One of them is the inverted triangle. This face type has a narrow jawline and wide forehead. To flatter this type of face shape, choose a hairstyle that provides width toward the chin. If you have a triangle face, bangs are your friend. They can add width and length to your haircut, but make sure they’re not too short. To keep your bangs clean and sharp, you can use dry shampoo to help remove excess oil from your roots.

Lucy Hale’s triangular haircut


A layered bob is a great choice for a triangular face shape. It is sleek and stylish, and creates a heart shape that balances the proportions of the face. It is also versatile enough to be worn up or down. It is a great choice for women with long or short hair. This hairstyle also works well for professional women. It will keep you looking chic and glam all night long.


Another popular hairstyle that is perfect for an oval, heart, or square face is the blunt cut bob. This style is shorter and straight at the ends and flatters the face. It is a versatile cut that looks great on any hair type. It also looks great on any age, so it can work well on anyone! If you have thick hair, you can try this cut if you have a round face.

Rua’s Triangular Pinch


Jay Rua, a Las Vegas-based hair stylist, has become the latest sensation with his wildly popular triangle haircut. The unusual shape can be frightening and satisfying, depending on the client’s hair type and lifestyle. The hairstylist snipped several inches from a client’s waist-length hair, creating five triangle-shaped points. He then trimmed the angles to produce a sleek, even cut.


The triangle haircut can be a short or long style. A side-swept bang and beautiful strands in front can add a playful edge to this look. A mini bang can also be added to the style, falling below the eyebrows. A triangle afro styled with a bang is another cute way to wear a triangle haircut. This style will give you the perfect check on the length of your afro without making it look scrunched.