Black Purple Hair is a Bold Style That’s Ideal For Those Who Want To Stand Out

Black-purple hair can make a striking statement. It works best on individuals with medium to dark brown locks with warm or cool undertones. Try using sulfate-free shampoo and rinsing with cold water after each application to maintain shade. This can help avoid exposure to sunlight or heat-styling tools and prolong its longevity.

Dark Purple Highlights

Purple hair isn’t limited to blondes; it can look incredible on dark-haired beauties! Cool violet combined with soft shell pink and mauve highlights creates a stunning pastel reminiscent of mermaid tails that looks stunning when worn wavy. This dimensional balayage blends blackberry at the roots with purple mid-lengths and ends, offering low-maintenance styling options for those seeking low-upkeep styling. These face-framing highlights make this look ideal for those seeking more low-maintenance looks. This office-friendly version of purple hair can add subtle depth and dimension to your raven locks, with less noticeable highlights than traditional ombre. Plus, it looks incredible against dark locks!

Smokey Plum Highlights

Get a stunning pop of color with this dark purple hair highlight. The deep hue contrasts perfectly with its jet-black base color. Pair this look with loose, big barrel curls to show off its facial-framing highlights. If you want something bold but natural-looking, try opting for a darker violet hue with subtle blue and pink highlights for your mane color scheme. This combination offers boldness without going too far with it!

Dark Ash Purple Hair

Dark purple hair works best with medium skin tones and can be styled in a high ponytail or curled. To maintain this hue, we recommend using color-protecting shampoo and nourishing conditioner. Ashy purple shades are ideal for pale complexions as their cool tones help enhance the skin. Furthermore, these colors complement black hairstyles well – particularly if the client sports bangs.

Dark Purple-Red Highlights

Instead of all-out purple, add just a few dark purple highlights for an eye-catching yet low-maintenance style. Thin baby lights or chunky highlights work exceptionally well if your medium-long hair needs volume; plus, it gives you time to evaluate this shade before going full-on purple! Channel your inner mermaid with dark purple highlights that echo the hues of the dusk sky. This ombre-style look looks beautiful on medium-length wavy hair and requires minimal bleaching to preserve natural color.

Dark Purple Ombre

This vibrant purple hair style is ideal for anyone wanting to express their creativity and eccentric personality through appearance. Add this striking hue to long layered hair with extreme side parting for an exciting, eye-catching look that will turn heads! If you’re not quite ready to commit to full dark purple, try opting for an ombre with natural brown roots instead. This shade still boasts contrasty and edgy tones while being more versatile and easier to manage.

Dark Purple and Burgundy Highlights

Dark purple highlights add dimension and visual interest to a blunt bob. More fabulous shades such as lilac suit cooler skin tones, while magenta and vibrant violet accents look best on warmer ones. Dark violet balayage works beautifully on all hair lengths and creates an alluring mermaid-esque style. To maintain their rich hue, suggest that your clients refrain from excessive heat styling and wash with a sulfate-free shampoo formulated to preserve color. Regular touch-ups at your salon can also ensure their locks remain vibrant for as long as possible.

Dark Purple and Pink Highlights

Bright purple ombre or balayage looks fantastic when applied to black hair. This style features warm pink tones at the top with darker purple shades at the bottom. This color works best on individuals who naturally possess medium or dark brown locks pre-lightened up to level 9 or 10 for optimal results. Purple highlights on black hair create an enchanted effect, perfect for anyone wanting to channel the spirit of a mermaid! Magenta purple shades with magenta undertones work exceptionally well if your undertone has cool tones.

Dark Purple with Black Highlights

Deep plum hues like this offer the ideal solution for girls and guys looking to add some purple pop to their natural hair color. Use it all over or highlight a pixie cut for a low-maintenance, attractive look still suitable for work and school environments. Reverse Ombre can add rich purple highlights to dark hair and looks particularly stunning on people with cool skin tones.

Black and Purple Hair

Black and purple hair color combination is a trendy trend that looks stunning. Choose a full head of this hue, or add a few streaks for a unique style statement. Purple highlights work wonders on dark hair, complementing most complexions beautifully. Here, they add an eye-catching flair to this center-parted short bob and give it an eye-catching presence. If you want a less obvious way of trying a bold color, have your stylist dye only the tips of your hair. This style, known as peek-a-boo, provides the ideal opportunity to experiment without committing an entire head.