Black Natural Long Hair Styles

From temple fade longer mohawk to flat twists, n assortment of natural black long hairstyles is sure to flatter your locks. Make sure yours look their best by hydrating them with leave-in conditioner or curl enhancer products. Nothing beats a sizeable puffy afro in its natural state! Pair this stunning style with a blazer to give off Grace Jones vibes.

Messy Half Bun

Make an impression statement with this playful yet flirty hairstyle by tying your locks into a messy half bun! Ideal for those with curly or wavy locks, you can add color pop with an adorable skinny headband! To create this look, start by detangling your hair with a wide-toothed comb and creating a ponytail and fishtail. Braid it before tying a half bun and securing it with bobby pins. Sea salt spray provides texture and holds for this style that looks fantastic on all hair types. Create this messy half bun as an outfit for brunch with the ladies or an outdoor wedding ceremony!

Loose Waves

Finding an effortless beach wave look requires time and loosely curling your hair. YouTuber Negin suggests starting your curl 6 inches away from the root and leaving some twists. Loose waves are ideal for people who prefer open kinks, yet can blend perfectly with straight hair. Body wave hair features closer-spaced strands for less bounce. Try Keke Palmer’s radiant look with this style and wear dark red shades like Keke Palmer for an eye-catching appearance. Burgundy will perfectly compliment your complexion and highlight your natural glow – an excellent option for first dates or special events!

Undercut and Long Wavy Hair

Undercuts are an eye-catching and stylish way to elevate your style. While initially popular among young people, this trend is now widely adopted by women looking for an edge touch in their appearance. Contrasting with its counterpart, this undercut features shorter sides than usual to let wavy hair on top stand out and looks fantastic with feminine colors like lilac. For a more understated approach, try covering up the undercut with a pixie or bob haircut – this will add edge without appearing overly bold or unconventional.

Half Up Hairstyle

Half-up hairstyles are ideal for showcasing your stunning face and accessories while adding texture and edge. If you prefer natural curls, use a claw clip as security. This look is ideal for creating a Khaleesi look and works on any hair length. Tuck the top portion into a bun, ponytail, or half-up braid to complete this stylish style – or add gold jewelry as an additional elegant accent!

Man Bun

The man bun is a unique take on the classic female bun hairstyle and has become increasingly popular among men with long hair. Easy to wear and requiring minimal upkeep, the style can be styled messy or sleek depending on personal preference and can even add extra sexy points when worn alongside beards for added sexiness. Though man buns have existed for centuries, they have recently seen unprecedented popularity. This rock star-inspired style combines several trends into an unparalleled and stylish look, first seen on celebrity Jared Leto and now a popular trend among professional workers alike.


Dreadlocks are rope-like sections of hair formed through matting that create a rough texture, worn by people from diverse genders, races, cultures, and religions. Their long history makes them popular among many different groups and individuals worldwide. When growing dreadlocks, regularly use residue-free shampoo on your locks to prevent tangled knots. Depending on your hair texture, they usually reach their full shape and size within one year. Dreadlocks have become more mainstream since Bob Marley made them fashionable through his albums released during the 70s. Yet they can still cause significant debate, and people have even been fired from jobs for wearing them.