Natural Hair Two Strand Twist – Model Ideas for Black Women

Some Easy Natural Design Ideas

A two strand twist is one of the many design ideas out there and it is an easy one to do with natural hair. Two strands of this are usually braided into two, braided in a twisted pattern to create a look that is unique to each person. It is also considered one of the easiest designs to master since all you have to do is simply twist the hair into two separate strands and braid them into a two-strand twist.

The most natural design for black women is the two-strand twist. This particular design comes from the natural characteristics of the African Hair. Unlike most designs, this is a Model that is most attractive on natural black women with full lips. It has a unique and distinct appearance that does not require chemicals to straighten or color. These are the Model ideas you need if you are looking for design ideas for black women. Get inspired with these styling ideas!