Top 5 Black Natural Hair Cuts

Fade Haircut for Thin Edges

A faded haircut is perfect for women with thin edges. Barbers can shave the sides with a detailed design to make the edges appear fuller. Keke Palmer shows off this look beautifully! This style looks incredibly stunning when dyed burgundy red.

Textured Natural Coils

Accepting your natural texture is a beautiful way to connect with your heritage and culture, redefine yourself, and challenge societal norms. The textured hair movement has also created a sense of community among people with curly or kinky locks, taking a step towards developing a healthy hair regimen. Understanding your texture type and curl pattern will allow for customized solutions.

If your coils resemble zig-zags, you have type 4B hair. This style requires extra maintenance as it is fragile and prone to shrinkage. To keep your locks healthy and moisturized, consider the L.O.C method or leave-in conditioner to preserve its health and prevent frizz.

Short Natural Curly Undercut

Modern curly hairstyles are a great way to showcase your texture. A short, curly undercut can be a cute choice for those who prefer shorter locks while still looking stylish and hip. This style works best when worn messy but can also be neatly gelled for a smoother finish. Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have been seen sporting this trend!

Short Golden Cut

For owners of golden retrievers, summer may be an excellent time to consider clipping their fur to protect their double coat from direct sunlight. The Simple Trim is a popular grooming option that involves feathering and thinning the skin around the neck and chest area. Another option is the Teddy Cut, which requires low maintenance and emulates the dog’s cuddly qualities.

Blunt Bob

If you like the edgy look of blunt bobs, this style may be for you. It flatters any facial structure and gives the appearance of fuller and voluminous features. Try a soft version with a middle part and gentle waves for a feminine twist. Curly or textured hair can also rock this style with a central part and piece-y bangs for a breathtaking look.

Messy Bob

The messy bob is a timeless style that exudes modernity and effortless style. It suits all face shapes and hair types. Wavy hair types can create a structured or edgy look with suitable styling products. Super short, messy bobs with honey-colored balayage are even more flattering, and adding a side part and random face-framing waves gives a tomboyish appeal. Use texture-enhancing pomade for a more defined and edgier look.