How to Style Black Natural Hair Cuts

Are you searching for ways to add volume and texture to your natural locks? A long braided ponytail could be just the thing! This breathtaking look will bring Grace Jones-esque vibes right to your own hair! Maintain this style easily using a leave-in Molecular repair hair mask.

Long Braided Ponytail – Adding Volume and Texture to Your Natural Locks

An elegant fade haircut can help black women regrow their edges quickly. It looks especially great with an intricate design shaved into the hair.

Elegant Fade Haircut – Regrowing Edges with Style

Upward Braids

Upward braids are an elegant and chic choice for any special event, featuring delicately braided hair from the top of the head to the nape and then twirled into a low-side bun. This style works best with those with long, thick natural hair or high-quality extensions and can be enhanced further with colorful accessories to bring additional vibrancy to their look. Furthermore, you can switch up this style easily by curling, twisting, or wearing it in a ponytail.

Upward Braids – Elegant and Versatile Hairstyle

Cornrows that look like the halo of a goddess are eye-catching to frame the face and add character. Whether your hair is straight or curly, wet or dry, this style works great with any texture of locks; gold braid cuffs add flair. Plus, this protective style can last weeks at a time!

Goddess-Inspired Cornrows – Frame Your Face with Style

Tapered Curls

Tight curls are a lovely choice for women looking for a sophisticated, feminine style. Add an exciting pop of color with burgundy hair adornments. Wear your curly tapered haircut casually yet fashionably by pairing it with low puffs, buns, or fauxhawks with colored streaks for an exciting new look. Short curly sharp styles are ideal for women looking for a fast, fashionable, and comfortable manner. From full-volume looks with light curls that taper at the nape to layered bobs with side fades, your look will look both chic and trendy!

Sophisticated Tapered Curls – Embrace Elegance with Short Hair

Create a red carpet-worthy updo like actress Samira Wiley by twisting sections around a flexi rod and adding bobby pins. Use a hair tool to form sleek ringlets that can easily be pulled back into an exquisite updo for an eye-catching appearance.

Red Carpet-Worthy Updo – Glamorous Hairstyle for Special Occasions


Thick hair can be both an advantage and a disadvantage; At the same time, its abundance of styling options offers endless styling potential, but its weight may become cumbersome when pulled into everyday styles like ponytails or buns. If you need relief without losing the versatility required for any look, an undercut could provide just the solution. An undercut combines a long top with short sides and back. While it might sound more like something from a college party prankster’s playbook than a professional barbering technique, it can become one of the most stylish yet low-maintenance haircuts available. You can select various styles of undercuts based on your personal taste, from disconnected types to those featuring blended cuts with more uniform ends. When opting for an unconnected amount, ensure that the shaved side grows out thoroughly before merging it with the rest of your locks to achieve that unique and edgy appearance.

Undercut – Stylish and Low Maintenance Hairstyle


No matter your style (from Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl to slick-back ponytail or hair down with loose waves), adding a headband is a quick and effortless to elevate any ensemble. No matter your short hairstyle – from something luxurious with rhinestones or pearl embellishments to something more straightforward like this Kitsch one – there’s sure to be a headband that fits the bill for you. Customers have raved about how comfortable and padded these bands are – ideal for pixie cuts and short bobs alike.

Headbands – Effortless Accessory to Elevate Your Hairstyle

Rowan Blanchard showcased a simple velvet bow as the finishing touch to her chic low bun at PatBO AW2022. For something less formal and off-duty, knotted headbands or simple knotted bands may also do the trick; alternatively, try wearing your face-framing strands in a low bun like Lacy Redway at PatBO AW2022. Alternatively, for casual hair-down looks, pull some front pieces into a loose messy bun with an attractive headband on top, leaving other sections free-falling on either side for a relaxed off-duty style!

Styling Ideas for Headbands – Enhancing Your Hairdo