Black Natural Curly Hairstyles

Black curly hair can be both playful and fierce! This short rocker pixie style features a bold side parting with tidy curls swept to one side for an unexpected, stylish look.

Tight Coils with Highlights

Tight coils are beautiful on their own, but when highlighted, they shine. This medium style features a deep side part with spiraling ringlets that will draw plenty of gazes.

Mini Puff

Create half-pin curls in the front and form a puff in the back for an adorable vintage style. Finish off your look by adding color for an eye-catching hairdo that goes with any dress type!

Curly Side Tendrils

Try this gorgeous, easy, and beautiful puff style if your hair doesn’t allow for a curly ponytail! Curly side tendrils add texture and dimension, making this an eye-catching option that works great for semi-formal events.

Easy and Trendy Puff

This is one of the easiest puff hairstyles to create and is suitable for long ethnic or Western dresses, making this style ideal for women in their 20s who wish to appear stylish and trendy.

Invisible Side Part

If you’re searching for an easy yet red-carpet-worthy black natural curly hairstyle, look at this sleek and sophisticated style. This cute short style embraces kinky coils in the back and sides while long twirly tendrils create an androgynous style that works well with stubble or clean-shaven faces.

Two-Tone Glamour

The two-tone hair color gives this black sew-in hairstyle an added splash of glamour, and its tapered look features long bangs paired with loose, voluminous curls on top for an upbeat and playful aesthetic. Try styling it with either burgundy or copper hues depending on your preferences, for maximum impact!

Charming Protective Style

This charming, protective style will surely stand out in a crowd. This lovely look features flat twists in the front and longer, twisted curls at the back for a cute half-up top knot that protects against heat damage.

Thick Bronze Curls

If you have thick kinky curls, try out a deep side-parted layered haircut to show them off. This chic style prepares you for any event or gathering; use a curl-defining cream (such as Design Essentials Coconut