Black Male Medium Hairstyles

Black male medium hairstyles easily showcase your natural texture and create an irresistibly dapper appearance. From taper fades and classic pompadours to taper fades and other styles, there is sure to be one that suits you. This contemporary cut combines modern and retro styles, featuring a twisted top and clean fade. Its rounding shape around the forehead and shaved line adds extra flair.


The Afro is one of the classic black hairstyles that never goes out of fashion. The long surgical line creates a striking and distinctive appearance while still being easy to maintain, thanks to regular trimming. Bring modernity to your Afro by adding a high fade. This style will highlight its texture, drawing out its best features. To achieve this look, visit your barber regularly to keep it sharp and fresh. Those with Afro hair have several excellent styling options, including the timeless yet trendy classic mohawk look. Perfect for formal events and low-maintenance needs, the textured mohawk can be combined with a beard for added contrast and more masculine appeal. Additionally, this style works well on shorter Afros, too!

Flat Top

The flat-top hairstyle is an ageless classic that will always remain popular. It creates an impressive and unique style, perfect for men with curly or kinky locks, combined with disconnected beards. Low maintenance needs only periodic trimming to maintain shape – the key to creating an effective flat-top hairstyle is ensuring its lineup is symmetrical and flawless! This chic hairstyle combines traditional pompadour styling with a classic round fade and chic, curled kinky curls for a stylish, sophisticated look – the ideal style choice for black males with thick-textured locks. This haircut is suitable for black males with a high skin fade, as it is easily adjustable to different hair lengths and textures. The shaved sides and back create a sleek and fashionable appearance. At the same time, the kinky hair on top adds dynamic edge – an excellent solution for men looking for a stylish yet professional appearance in the workplace.

Sponge Curls

Sponge curls are an elegant and fashionable protective hairstyle popular among black men with curly locks. To achieve the desired style, essential healthy oils should be saturated into your scalp to enhance this style before sleeping. Additionally, wearing a durag can prevent dryness overnight and is great for professional settings. This black male medium hairstyle combines a clean cut with excellent texture on top and fades around the ears and beard for an attractive style suitable for any face shape – it looks especially great when combined with beards or shaved lines!

Temple Fade

Temple fade is an ideal hairstyle for black men with natural curls, featuring a gradual fade that transitions into longer locks at the temple and back of the head. To maintain healthy-looking locks, trim the beard and shave the neckline regularly for the best results.

High Top

The high-top haircut is an adaptable style that can easily be tailored to suit any personality, making it ideal for black men who wish to appear stylish without overtly daring or bold. Additionally, beard and mustache wearers may find this hairstyle suitable. Add fades, line-ups, or shaved patterns into the mix as desired; hi-lo fades on the back, and temples can add depth, while the longer top creates contrast and magnifies masculine charm. This haircut is one of the most sought-after styles for black men with medium hair, allowing them to choose their desired styling options easily. From pompadours and side parts to zero and skin fade shaves and even adding complex details for an alternative aesthetic – it offers versatile looks while being low maintenance! Suitable with beards.