Black Girl Hair Ideas For Prom

Prom is an opportunity to showcase one’s individuality, and hairstyle plays an essential part. No matter her style or preferences, there are plenty of adorable hair ideas for prom that she can try on the big night.

Flat Twist Updos

Flat twist updos are simple to create and require little upkeep. Perfect for girls with natural or synthetic locks, try this look for an eye-catching appearance.


Braids are one of the most iconic hairstyles among black girls, offering a classic way to show off natural or weaved locks. Braids come in various styles and lengths such as asymmetrical braids and curly braids; giving off boho vibes easily dressed up with flowers or beads as accessories.

High Side Pony with Bow

Putting her hair up into a high side pony with a bow is an effortless yet stylish solution, taking less than one minute to style! Plus, your daughter will look stylish!

Elegant Braided Hairstyle

This elegant braided hairstyle is an elegant choice for weddings and formal events. Plus, it provides great protective style options for 4C hair. Add an elegant headband or floral rhinestone barrette for a glamorous finish!


Girls with natural hair often opt for a high, curly ponytail as a simple yet stylish hairstyle option. Add extra flare by embellishing this style with bows or flowers to add more character and dimension.

Weaves in Curls

Black women wearing weaves enjoy wearing their hair in curls as part of a chic style. Try long wavy bobs or buns with extensions for an updated look. For something extra glamorous, try styling the weave with small braids for a mesmerizing effect.

Ringlets and Straightened Hair

If she has healthy, straight hair, she can wear it with cute ringlets for an elegant and proper appearance. Alternatively, she could opt to get it chemically straightened for something different!


One of the easiest and most appealing black hairstyles for girls is a bun. This stylish design keeps her hair neatly pulled back while still showing off her braids, beads, or tiaras with ease. A bun makes a wonderful style option for younger girls or those with short natural locks.

Cornrows with Updo

Longer hair can add an additional element to a black updo by including cornrows in their style. Here is an impressive example that features two lines of feed-in cornrows to add an elegant yet playful and trendy flair to this black updo.

Textured Top Knot

Add texture to a classic top knot for an elevated version of this timeless black girl hairstyle. Create a charming ballerina-inspired design by using extra hair and decorative gold coils or cowrie shells as accent pieces.

Hair Accessories

hair accessories add an extra special touch to basic black girl hairstyles. A colorful bow can take any braided bun up a notch. Alternatively, try snapping on a bead barrett instead of regular rubber bands for something truly chic and sophisticated.

Beachy Box Braids

Give her long box braids a beachy vibe and satisfy her dreams of being a mermaid! This protective style protects against UV rays, sand, and wind to help her remain cute throughout the day.

Ponytail with Colorful Bows

Give her ponytail an added touch with two big colorful bows by accessorizing it with them! She will absolutely adore you for it.