Black Hairstyles Pictures

Afro-hairstyles have long been seen as symbols of Black pride and rebellion against oppression; historically, however, employers and schools considered this to be dress code violations.

Brandy of Dancing With The Stars showed off her face-framing wavy curls at an event. This style makes an elegant statement at homecoming, prom, and other formal events.

Curly Lob

For those with naturally curly locks, a curly lob is an excellent way to go. Easy to manage and suitable for almost every face shape; just be sure to use thinning shears at the ends for a sleek finish.

Opting for a softer take on the trendy slicked-back style by keeping your curls swept back can create a softened version of this trend and work particularly well for oval faces, creating more volume on both sides and acting as an anchor against your forehead.

Please make the most of your gorgeous curls by wearing them in French braids for an instant sophistication boost! Just ensure to use high-quality hairspray to prevent frizziness or unruliness.

Long Frizzy Curls

Wild ringlets offer a low-maintenance option that will highlight both natural texture and face shape, and add elegance by featuring curl-defining mousse or gel for an even greater definition of curls.

A high, feed-in ponytail offers a low-maintenance style perfect for work or weekend get-togethers – it can even be worn straight or side-swept for added volume! Kay recommends discussing products formulated to maintain this beautiful style by consulting with your stylist about products specifically made to retain curly locks.

On the set of the 2021 movie, “Coming to America,” actors donned an assortment of natural hairstyles ranging from sponge-brushed curly bobs and cornrows to twists. This intentional choice demonstrated African Americans have multiple coif options available to them. At its initial release, this film marked one of few examples of black women with naturally curly locks being depicted positively onscreen.

Afro Braids

African braiding is a timeless hairstyle perfect for everyday wear and special events. Braids protect from damage while simultaneously adding beautiful updos for an elegant finish.

Inspired by Fulani women in West Africa, African braiding consists of multiple thin to medium plaits interwoven to form intricate patterns at the crown of your head, embellished by beads or rings for additional embellishment.

This look can be achieved within minutes for an effortless, quick, and easy black hairstyle. Long jumbo box braids make an eye-catching statement while simultaneously being light enough for everyday wear – Issa Rae even used her long plaits to pull up into a stylish updo that met at her neck for this style.


Cornrows are an eye-catching way to showcase your personality, mainly when they feature eye-catching designs. Combine cornrows with other braid styles, such as twists or French braids, for an impressive ensemble; adding gray hair color adds another element of mystery.

Try jumbo cornrows to add an extra dramatic flair to your look. They’re great for thick or lengthy hair or weaves that need an extra boost – just be sure that the braids are precise to not distract from their presence! For maximum impact and eye-catching results, ensure they’re neatly and precisely braided for an impressive finished look that will draw all eyes toward you.

A classic cornrow is the ultimate expression of elegance and sophistication. When combined with face frames and beads for an authentic Cleopatra-esque look, it will surely garner compliments.


Braids are an attractive protective natural hairstyle often utilized during vacations or on-the-spot trips to the gym. Wear yours with puff or sponge-brushed curly locks for a youthful and trendy look, or use it at work! Braids also make for excellent workplace attire!