Black Styles Braids 2020


For centuries, African Americans have worn their hair in braids to protect it and show off their unique style. Now, women of color are experimenting with their own styles to add variety to their look. Aside from being cute and protective, these styles can be worn in different ways. These styles can be done at home with DIY kits and can even be incorporated into a more elaborate style. But before you get started, make sure to tame your baby hair so that you can make sure that you’re ready to rock a new look.

There’s a new trend in styles for black women: the low braided bun. It’s an elegant and simple style that can add a little class to an otherwise ordinary look. Taraji P. Henson wears a low braided bun with a ponytail. This style is also appropriate for the office, and looks great with a simple bob or a chignon.