Black Girl Braided Hairstyles 2019

Braids are an easy, flexible way to protect natural hair from harsh environmental elements while simultaneously adding an eye-catching element of beauty and color to any look.

Chunky Cornrow Braids (Goddess Braids)

Chunky cornrow braids provide an effective protective style when you want a break for your locks. They can even double as high ponytails!

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids are an exciting protective style that can be customized in many ways to suit any personal taste and occasion. Highlights can add brightness, while a simpler style can make this hairstyle stand out at any event or gathering. Ghana braids always look fantastic from every angle and are guaranteed to impress.

Upright Braids

Upright braids have recently seen an upsurge in popularity among black women. They are fashionable, low maintenance, and extremely versatile.

Creative hair Braiding Styles

Outside the traditional square box braids, there are other creative hair braiding styles you can try for an eye-catching appearance. Triangular or diamond-shaped sections of hair braiding add drama. You could also try a side-parted Lemonade braids style with an angled curve for something truly original.

Mermaid Fishtail Braids

Take your braiding experience one step further by trying mermaid fishtail braids. These elegant braids instantly elevate any casual outfit from casual to classy. Perfect for date night or a girls’ day out.

Faux Hawk Braid Style

A popular mohawk braid style is the faux hawk. Easy to do and suitable for short and long afro hair types alike. Makes an impactful statement in any casual or formal ensemble.

Jumbo Mohawk Braid

For an eye-catching statement look, try the jumbo mohawk braid. This stunning style shows off natural Afro locks while being easy to style for any event or special occasion. Adds a contemporary edge that is sure to get some second glances.

Ghana Weaving

Ghana braids may look complex but are actually easy to create. This hairstyle can add character and highlight features in an instant while remaining neat and beautiful. Explore various combinations of braids on your head by trying three instead of the usual two for an eye-catching and dynamic style. Add beads or other accessories for an interesting strand design.