Black Girl Braided Hairstyles 2019

Black braided hairstyles have long been associated with African women as an expression of strength and power, not to mention serving as protective styles that can be worn in various ways.

Try Chanzlee Mitchell’s twisted cornrow braid look for an eye-catching braided updo.

Chanzlee Mitchell’s stunning twisted cornrow braid look is perfect for an eye-catching braided updo that will elevate any daily look. It suits casual events and occasions like jeans and a blouse and works beautifully when done correctly.

Mohawk with Braids

Combining a mohawk with braids can create an eye-catching style. This trendy look combines curvy cornrows and one-point burst rows, creating an exciting, edgy style perfect for adventurous girls who like to show their sexy side. The curls in the back are subdued to accentuate symmetric braid patterns, resulting in a stunning, complete, and gorgeous hairdo that oozes romance and seduction. This elegant protective braid style is ideal for confident and funny girls looking to show off their seductive side. It pairs beautifully with any dress or makeup combination.

Two Braids

Want to look cute and elegant? Give this braided hairstyle a try. It comprises two side braids that come together in the center before being styled into a low bun for an eye-catching style. You can even accessorize it with flowers, beads, or glitter for added flair!

Laurel Harrier’s Cornrow Braids

At the premiere of BlacKkKlansman, Laurel Harrier donned an eye-catching set of cornrow braids. This hairstyle pays homage to African Americans who have worn this style for centuries.

Classic Horizontal Braid

Are you looking for an easy yet gorgeous summer hairstyle? The classic horizontal braid is perfect. This timeless style looks incredible on black women. Divide your hair into two sections and start braiding one horizontally across the back of your head. Repeat this process on both sides for a beautiful look.

Goddess Bun Braids

Goddess braids, also known as halo crown braids or milkmaid braids, are elegant for any special event or occasion. This style is easy to put on, requires little upkeep, and looks incredible on black hair with textured coils. Add a pop of color, such as a dark eggplant purple shade, for a more dramatic twist. You can also add human or kanekalon hair blend wavy strands to create unique goddess braids with a boho vibe.

Ghanaian Braids

Ghana braids are an effortless and timeless protective style that you can wear for multiple events and occasions. This hairstyle involves braiding half of your hair while leaving the other half loose, creating an eye-catching style with modern and traditional elements. Ghana braids are stylish and help keep your locks healthy for an effortless look. You can enhance the elegance of Ghana braids by adding beads or accessories. Experiment with different colors to add dimension and texture, such as dip-dying thin cornrows or adding eye-catching lilac extensions as eye-catchers. Regularly moisturize the braids and use edge control cream to smooth any flyaways.