Black Hair With White Underneath

Black hair with white underneath can create an eye-catching and modern aesthetic, yet its maintenance requires extensive bleaching sessions and ongoing bleaching treatments. Always apply the dye with conditioner before application to prevent damage and unwanted brassiness. Experiment using different shades to achieve your look!

Half-blonde with brown undertones

This hair color can make a compelling statement! The dark brown highlights add contrast, making the blonde hair even more visible. Furthermore, this style makes an excellent choice for those seeking natural-looking tones. Discover your ideal shade of brown by experimenting with various shades. For an understated approach, dyeing your hair dark brown with reddish undertones creates a warm and welcoming appearance that works with all skin tones. Another popular technique, balayage, entails dying your hair light blonde and adding dark brown highlights as an accent color. It adds depth to any haircut and works beautifully for straight, wavy, curly, or braided styles.

Blonde with gray undertones

Blonde with gray undertones is an attractive shade on all hair tones–but when combined with subtle, muted highlights in mint green or baby blue, it becomes especially striking. Celeb Colorist Jill Kirsh tells Beauty Riot that these hues pair beautifully with cool blonde tones and work to camouflage gray strands beautifully. Jennifer Aniston makes a convincing case for beige blonde locks (such as in her Old Hollywood bob) on olive skin with warm undertones, as it doesn’t necessitate as much lightening from their colorist and helps neutralize brassiness without looking washed out or cold. Colorists find it more challenging to achieve this hue due to its requirement of bleaching hair to a level 10 (pale blonde). That can be difficult on darker bases with red undertones that could turn the blonde pink if mishandled. Still, an experienced colorist can accomplish this task using bond-builders before dyeing the hair and possibly adding drops of violet dye for added protection from turning pink.

Blonde with silver undertones

Silver-blonde is an elegant and cool shade, ideal for pale skin tones. This look combines metallic grey hues with shimmering silver undertones to balance brightness and softness, complementing pink or blue-blonde highlights that add color and complement its calm tone perfectly. Laverne Cox showcases this luxurious yet low-maintenance platinum silver shade that looks beautiful year-round. Additionally, this light shade makes balayage and foils easier since roots grow out faster when opting for such a light base color. Suppose you opt for a light platinum shade like this one. In that case, your colorist is likely to advise incorporating Olaplex treatments into your weekly at-home regimen to prevent brassiness. In addition, you’ll need to visit your stylist every four to six weeks for glossing and toning appointments, or for something simpler, consider platinum blonde with warm caramel or gold balayage instead.

Blonde with black undertones

Ladies looking for an eye-catching yet timeless style should opt for black hair with blonde underneath, which offers more dimension to their mane. This two-tone color combination works wonders on all skin tones and suits warm and cool complexions; whether bleaching and dying all your locks or using box braids will do, this shade will surely turn heads! To minimize contrasts between light and dark strands, opt for a neutral blonde hue such as platinum or ash to soften any abrupt differences between them. These neutral blonde tones provide the ideal combination of warm and cool undertones that complement darker skin tones while accentuating golden-yellow and copper-orange tones in natural hair color. Try switching up your paint with a strawberry blonde shade with more red undertones for an eye-catching twist. This warm tone is ideal for accentuating bob or pixie cuts while its high contrast works equally well on curly or wavy manes – for even more significant impact, create it using split dyeing!