How to Keep Curly Hair Styles Short

Your curls have an irresistible charm that makes you feel like an unforgettable masterpiece. Use a leave-in curl-defining cream to keep them hydrated, then accessorize with stunning hair accessories to complete the look. An updo with tightly shaved sides and all of your length on top can give your curls added depth and dimension, creating an effortless beach wave for an effortlessly stylish look.

Pixie Cut with Bangs

The Pixie Cut with Bangs is an adorable hairstyle, as its simplicity belies its sophistication and refinement. Your stylist may use soft texturizing on top to soften and purify it further; this textured pixie cut style provides volume and texture in short locks for women with thin locks. This choppy pixie cut is ideal for fashion-conscious women looking for a trendy style with endless styling possibilities. This cut can be styled using different color choices and looks incredibly fashionable on blonde, black, or brown locks. Additionally, oval or heart-shaped faces benefit significantly from having this cut as it emphasizes their jawline while adding a feminine aesthetic. For an eye-catching and stylish appearance, add a side-swept bang. This will instantly create an eye-catching red-carpet-worthy look and will look even better with a curling iron added into the mix!

Curly Fade

With the sharp outline of a fade haircut serving as a no-nonsense foundation, guys with curly hair can use fade haircuts to add plenty of vibrancy and definition easily. There are a range of fade length options from low to high; our favorite curly styles complement taper fades. Lower cuts with line-up haircuts are an easy and stylish solution for shorter curly locks, creating an eye-catching and stunning finish. By trimming shorter on either side of your head, textured curls will naturally fall across your top for a stylish finish that stands out. If you have long, curly locks, a mid fade with line-up offers an effortlessly chic yet easy-care style that works well for longer locks. The straighter line across your head creates a striking contrast against your more voluminous coils on top, which can easily be styled using volumizing products. A bald fade with a defined hairline is a bold and masculine style ideal for men with thicker curls or waves. Its striking contrast between ultra-short sides and thick, full curls on top creates an eye-catching silhouette suitable for various formal events.

Hard Part

Hard parts can add depth to any fade haircut. From classic side or middle fades to something more daring like bleached faux hawks, adding hard lines gives any style more personality and refinement. They look particularly great on wavy locks with styling products that keep curls in place! Hard parts add dimension and dimension to any haircut and pair particularly well with low taper fades and short to medium hair length. A tricky part has been shaved off in this photo – you could ask your barber to create more gradual lines for an alternative style. This haircut pairs a shaved hard part with a high skin fade for an understated yet distinguished appearance, perfect for men who wish to show off their facial features.

Gender Neutral Haircut

Gender-neutral haircuts uphold the outdated notion that hair must be masculine or feminine. They look stunning with all hair types and textures and can easily be tailored to fit anyone’s personal preferences—casual or bold. Various fringes and parting options and geometric designs or line art are available. This androgynous pixie haircut features short layers that combine feminine and masculine traits in its design, working beautifully for all textures of hair and particularly striking with long, wavy curtain bangs that frame the face and emphasize the eyes. This gender-neutral haircut offers an easy way to add texture and volume. Perfect for all styles of pixie cuts or bobs, wavy or curly locks work exceptionally well; great for those who don’t feel confident rocking a full, blunt fringe but still want a fashionable style.