Black Hair With Red Tips

Black hair with red tips is eye-catching, from simple dipped ends to intricate ombre effects. Ask your stylist to add small red highlights throughout your black hair to create this look. This style works best with a short bob or a similar-length cut.


Traditional ombre styles typically involve your roots being darker and lighter towards the tips, while you can also opt for reverse ombre. No matter which option you choose, you can work with an endless spectrum of shades when selecting an ombre shade, from ruby red to crimson, cherry to scarlet, and beyond! There is something perfect to match any mood or occasion for any ombre hair color choice!

For an effortlessly gentle look, opt for a subdued shade of red that complements your black locks without overshadowing it. Long locks look stunning in this hue, adding elegance to any ensemble.

Bright red stands out beautifully against jet-black hair. This vibrant hue will draw everyone’s eye in no time at all. Long and straight locks work best for this look, which can then be styled with sensuous waves for added style and depth. Perfect for girls and women wanting to stand out in the crowd.


Burgundy is an eye-catching hue that pairs well with raven black locks. Use it for highlights or create a striking ombre; dark cherry shades look particularly striking paired with this hue; combine it with light mahogany brown or another shade of red for an even more significant effect!

Burgundy, France’s historic wine region, is famous for producing pinot noirs and chardonnays of both varieties. Rivers crisscross it, and grand chateaux dot its landscape – including Dijon’s Palace of Dukes of Burgundy, where its inhabitants reside.

Thanks to the region’s limestone soil composition and microbial activity, Burgundy wines are famed for their minerality. Minerals like potassium and calcium give Burgundy its signature taste.

Burgundy is a warm-toned color that pairs beautifully with other hues of red, such as maroon. Together, these shades create an elegant and classic aesthetic, perfect for creating classic and sophisticated rooms. Burgundy can often be featured on high-end furniture pieces to add sophistication and maturity to any setting.

Black and Red Streaks

If you want a bold statement with your hair color, try adding dark red highlights on black locks. A paprika red hue blends seamlessly into its dark base color, making a powerful statement about yourself in a crowd. This shade also works well for ombre and dip-dye styles and creates face-framing effects by applying streaks of this shade at the front parts of the head.

Vibrant cherry red tones stand out beautifully against black base colors, while deeper cherry hues offer more subdued pops of color. A hairstylist specializing in the balayage technique can subtly paint on these colorful streaks without overshadowing a client’s stunning natural base hue.

Streaks offer an easy and cost-effective way to explore black hair with red highlights, perfect for women looking to experiment without fully committing to vibrant hues – and can easily be reversed should the client decide it’s not right for them.


Balayage is a hair color technique in which stylists paint highlights free-hand instead of using foils or cap highlighting, creating more natural-looking highlights with less obvious gradation gradations than foil or lid techniques. Balayage also requires less maintenance as the hair grows out and looks beautiful regardless.

Blonde balayage is an ever-popular choice that works on any hair color incredibly dark locks, where its beauty stands out! Caramel balayage looks particularly striking against black waves and is great if you want a bit of contrast with your skin tone.

If you’re a deep brunette, try sporting an irresistibly delicious bronde look for this fall season. This balayage blends dark brown shades with caramel highlights for an exquisite, warm appearance that looks fabulous with medium hair length. Additionally, its natural movement showcases itself beautifully when styled with wavy locks accentuated.