Elegant Black Hair Updos For Everyday Looks

Black women can elevate simple everyday looks with chic updo hairstyles that add elegance. Wear your bun adorned with a gold chain or flowers for a look perfect for date night.

1. Twisted Marley Bun

Add some flair to your Marley twists by opting for a warm caramel brown shade that complements your complexion. Marley twists offer more natural looks than dreadlocks and are compatible with type 4 hair textures. Furthermore, they’re lightweight enough for every occasion! Combining Marley twists in a high ponytail for an instant style that looks put-together is the key to creating quick styles like this one. Make it more playful by adding a colorful headscarf as well.

2. Upside Down Braid

When your ponytail feels too put-together for everyday activities, try this fun spin on its classic design: an upside-down braided bun adds dimension and even works for workouts such as spinning class! Practice makes perfect! Starting with three strands, make a traditional French braid up to your crown for the best results.

3. Cornrows and Twists

Cornrows and twists can create an elegant, sophisticated style. This hairstyle from West Africa boasts an eye-catching design featuring large cornrows that gradually transition to smaller ones for an exquisite halo effect. Flat twists (two-strand twists) offer an easy and stylish solution for braided styles without all of the associated hassles. Kiki Layne created this style which would be an excellent option for formal events.

4. Ballerina Bun with Bangs

Ballerina buns are an effortless way to elevate any girly look. Whether you want to go sweet and dainty with an all-pink monochromatic outfit or add edge with an oversized piece, this style should be included in your look. Create two parts in your hair and braid them into a topknot at the back of your head. Secure with pins before giving a final spritz of hairspray for extra hold.

5. Asymmetrical Bun

A classic updo that works for any formal occasion is the side bun. This elegant asymmetrical style pairs beautifully with flower clips or large floral hairpieces to complete its sleek appearance. This beautiful bridal-ready asymmetrical bun features multiple fishtail braids woven throughout its chignon. The blonde color and wavy texture add an extra dimension to its intricate design. A sophisticated bun shifted to one side is ideal for prom or black-tie gala events, featuring twisted sections that act like bangs while flowing into the bun for added volume.

6. Voluminous Bun

A teased donut bun is an easy and beautiful solution for an elegant yet effortless look. Perfect for formal events, yet quick and straightforward to achieve! Gather your hair into a low ponytail, pull through an elastic one last time, and stop short of creating a loop – then twist any extra inch around the base of the ponytail and secure it with pins.

7. Cornrows and Flat Twists

A beautiful high-end style, the twisted bun is perfect for formal events. Make sure your flat twists remain healthy by applying some hair butter. No matter the type or length of your locks, this hairdo is easy and shows them off beautifully. Cornrows and twists add depth and dimension to this style, showcasing them at their finest.

8. All-Around Bun

Unleash your inner Duchess with this elegant red carpet-worthy updo. Pull back your hair into a high ponytail, twist and pin it into a bun using bobby pins, rough up any fallen sides, and finish it off by spraying Pureology Soft Finish hairspray to complete this stylish look. This beautiful updo may look complicated, but it is simple. Finish it with an elegant headband or silk scarf accessory for a modern mod aesthetic.

9. Bouffant Bun

Unachieve a timeless fairytale look with this exquisite side bun featuring an eye-catching pink flower at its base. Perfect for special events and soirees, pair this updo with a halter-neck dress and high heels to complete the look. Take cues from Bridget Bardot with this timeless half-boyffant style, made even more striking by long locks with balayage coloring. Add face-framing bangs for an added romantic flair!

10. Braided Bun

An intricate weave of skinny braids finished with a low bun is captivating and sure to turn heads at parties or social functions. Wear this look to impress friends. Use U-Pins to secure this chic updo. These hairpins won’t snag like office stationery rubber bands and are easier to work with than bobby pins – plus, with some added hairspray, your bun and braids updo should last all day!