Cute Curls For Short Hair

If you have short hair, there are numerous cute curls you can experiment with – the key is knowing how to style them so they remain looking fantastic throughout the day! Classically Contemporary offers this tutorial to show how to achieve different looks using a curling wand. Whether you want loose ringlets or more structured coils, this technique will produce gorgeous curls that stay put all day!

Tapered Pixie

Curls can be tricky to manage in short hairstyles, but an experienced stylist can make the cut work for both your curl pattern and face shape. Here, a curly pixie has been carefully tapered to give the top more length than its sides or nape for an attractive and functional everyday style. Incorporating face-framing waves and a middle part into this romantic pixie cut for curly hair adds romance. Add some texture by styling a side-swept fringe or adding texturizing creme to keep curls healthy and bouncy. This chic, wavy pixie with bangs is easy to maintain and perfect for women with thicker locks. Add a pop of color by opting for subtle ash-blonde hues, platinum, or salt-and-pepper tones to make this style pop out from its surroundings.

Wet Mermaid Style

Fans of Ariel will adore this adorable style that gives off an alluring beachy and sea princess vibe. Ariel-red locks drape loose and undone, just what you need when strolling along the shore or taking in some sun. Contrary to traditional curling hacks, which often produce unruly waves, this tutorial utilizes a silk hair ribbon and blow dryer to build stunning mermaid-inspired coils. Perfect for all lengths of wavy hair – particularly gorgeous on chin-length bobs! Mermaid hair requires texture, so spray your locks with texturizing hairspray before adding volumizing gel and scrunching your waves with a lightweight leave-in conditioner containing aloe vera or glycerin to maintain soft and sleek locks.


Curls can add volume and texture to short hair, but ask your stylist about incorporating face-framing bangs for something truly memorable. Bangs always look stylish while framing the face and accentuating beautiful eyes. An elegant curly short hairstyle for short locks is the shoulder-grazing bob with fringes. Perfect for all ages, this trendy cut allows you to customize your style by adding or subtracting layers quickly; ask your stylist to give you an asymmetrical finish for a modern touch! If you have a round face, one way to add more length to your bob is by opting for a center or side fringe just above or below the eyebrows and using styling products to achieve a light and airy finish. This hairstyle makes a perfect style choice for casual outings with friends or date nights alike!


When it comes to cute curls for short hair, a layered bob is one of the best styles you can try. Soft and feminine, it works with any face shape and is easily refreshed day by day by combining out gentle waves into more brushed-out ones for an effortlessly sleeker look. Pin curls offer another effective method of creating pretty coils without using heat: start with damp hair and divide it into small sections before wrapping each section around an X pin and leaving it to set overnight. In the morning, unwind them carefully with your fingers or comb. If you’re not afraid to experiment with going super short, this chin-length curly bob with caramel highlights could be just the thing for you! It’s stylish yet romantic while emphasizing your lovely facial features beautifully. Furthermore, layers help add volume and texture to your natural locks!