Black Hair Inspiration

Black hair is the ideal canvas for trying out colorful highlights or an eye-catching ombre look. You can experiment with pairing rich navy blue hues with jet-black locks for a style that will turn heads. Another captivating combination is red and dark brown in black hair, reminiscent of sunset colors, and stunning in classic bob cuts.

Blue Black Hair

Blue-black hair is a standout choice, whether you want to go bold and bright or opt for a more subtle and seductive look. This hue consists of dark blue and black hues blended with velvety rich tones, giving your hair a smooth, captivating finish. If you’re hesitant about commitment, try demi-permanent dye for a shiny appearance in low lighting that transitions into deeper tones in brighter illumination. Remember to use nourishing hair gloss and sulfate-free shampoo to maintain its radiance.

Smokey Black-Blue Hair

Consider dark blue hair as a less flashy, eye-catching alternative to neon colors. It creates an easygoing yet attention-grabbing style that suits all hair textures and lengths. To achieve this look, show your stylist a picture of a slate blue-black shade with gray undertones. This hue complements all skin tones and ensures your hair looks its best. Remember to use sulfate-free shampoo for optimal hair health.

Mermaid Purple Hair

Mermaid purple hair is a captivating trend that features pastel or vivid hues in long beach waves for maximum impact. This style works best on women with thick locks who can devote additional care to maintaining it. Celebrities like Lizzo embrace bold hair color choices, and her light complexion enhances the vibrant pinks, blues, and teals in her mermaid hair. The mermaid purple look can be fabulous on both blondes and brunettes, as its versatile appeal complements both hair colors perfectly. It showcases dark roots that seamlessly transition into deep ocean blue tones before ending with teal tones in the bottom layers of hair.

Cobalt Blue Hair

Cobalt blue is a bold balayage shade that looks stunning on black hair, especially for those who want a bright hue and have less natural pigmentation. This shade mainly enhances wavy or curly locks, emphasizing their textures. The dreamy cobalt blue look combines metallic blue tones with light pastel blue, fading to a cotton candy turquoise hue. The dark blue roots add depth and make this style look incredibly healthy.

Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hues add an unexpectedly feminine touch and can look gorgeous on both blondes and brunettes. Try a light rose tint that fades to platinum for a less obvious but equally effective choice. Take inspiration from Zayn, who impressed everyone with rose-gold frosted tips. Experiment with peach-pink hair and darker roots for an effortlessly cool effect. If you’re ready for a dramatic transformation, consider an at-home hair dye kit, but follow the instructions carefully to achieve the ideal shade.

Purple Hair with Faux Locs

Purple is an eye-catching hue that complements warm and cool undertones of all skin tones. Highlights of purple on blonde hair create a forward-thinking and captivating look, especially on a sharply-stacked bob with bangs. The daring dark purple ombre is an excellent choice for those who are daring and want to break free from conventional styles. The shade features various hues reminiscent of vibrant galaxy colors found in space.

Merlot Hair

Merlot is an exquisite shade inspired by red wine, blending rich browns, burgundies, and vibrant cherry red tones. This dark red dye looks fantastic on hair of all lengths and skin tones and fades more slowly than lighter red shades. To maintain your Merlot hair, use a nourishing shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning masks once or twice a week to keep it hydrated and vibrant.

Sunset Hair

Sunset hair is an exquisite color trend that looks incredible on black locks, although it’s best left in the hands of professionals due to its complexity. This striking look starts with dark purple roots that gradually transition into pink, orange, and red hues as they fade downward. It looks particularly stunning when paired with curls. The Arizona sunset style is a beautiful example; she incorporates all the hues into her hairstyle for a fantastic effect.

Get magical mermaid vibes with a blue-black shade, perfect for those who prefer dark roots. Darker base colors also help minimize noticeable regrowth in the future. Good Dye Young offers a chic navy hue with their semi-permanent Blue Ruin dye. Consider adding accent colors for a more wearable look.