Black Hair 2020 Is More Than Just a Style

In the 1990s relaxers were popular, but in 2010,, natural hair came back, with Afro hair products and YouTube tutorials showcasing different styles. Bibhu Mohapatra’s runway show featured sleek, polished hair as a key trend, while celebrities like Milla Jovovich, Gabrielle Union, Uzo Aduba, and Alexandra Daddario embraced their natural locks.


Despite hair discrimination being illegal, schools and workplaces still enforce policies that discriminate against Black people. This was illustrated in high-profile cases where Black students were required to cut their locs. Microaggressions, such as comments on natural hair, also persist. Legislative efforts like the CROWN Act in California aim to address this discrimination.


Black women often view their hair as their crowning glory, but society doesn’t always treat natural Afro-textured locks with the respect they deserve. Microaggressions, denial of employment, and criticism of natural styles are common. Finding a doctor familiar with caring for textured hair and using sulfate- and alcohol-free products can help maintain strong and healthy locks.