Best Boy Haircuts 2020

No matter their style – bold and daring or classic and cute – kids can look their best with new hairstyles that are easy to maintain and perfect for school-age boys.

Here are a few excellent options:

An Undercut Fade with a Hard Part

This eye-catching and chic look combines an undercut fade with a tricky part. The shaved edge along the scalp adds texture and definition.

Mohawk with Skin Fade

This style features long hair on top that blends into short locks in the back, fading away to the skin. It’s a stylish option for boys who want to try out mohawks at school without causing controversy.

Butch Cut with Taper Fade

This impressively masculine style is ideal for boys who want to keep their hair long with minimal maintenance. It works well for those with thick locks, allowing them to show off their natural volume.

Messy Fringe

A messy fringe is an effortless style suitable for boys with all hair textures. It looks stylish and helps conceal bald spots. It also balances the face shape of boys with a long forehead, creating a more youthful appearance.

Fade with Textured Fringe

To achieve a trendy and modern style, try combining a fade on the sides with a textured fringe on top. This works best for boys with medium to long hair. The frame can be swept sideways or back for added interest and edge.

Short Shag

This boy’s short shag is perfect for 12-year-old boys who want a current and lively look. It features a merged parting and natural curls, exuding an energetic vibe.

Middle Part

A classic crew cut creates a neat, polished appearance for boys with curly locks. Alternatively, an induction cut, inspired by the military, offers an innovative and versatile option for short boy haircuts.

Longer hair with Center Part

Boys can opt for longer hair with a center part for a relaxed aesthetic. This look, popularized by surfers, suits any hair type or texture. It requires easy maintenance and allows for various styles like pompadours, slick-backs, and spikes.

Long Buzz Cut

Consider a Caesar cut to achieve a lively, youthful, and confident look. This haircut helps cover sparse patches of hair due to thinning.

Induction Haircut

This eye-catching style, reminiscent of military men, works well for boys of all face shapes. It requires minimal maintenance, with only a shave every two to three weeks.

High and Tight

This military-inspired option features faded sides and back with more length on top. It can be styled slicked-back or quiff for an effortlessly cool appearance that requires minimal styling time and maintenance.

These hairstyles are perfect for boys who want to look their best while keeping their hair stylish and easy to maintain.