Protective Updo Hairstyles For Women With Natural Texture

Top Knot Bun

The top knot bun is an effortless style for all hair lengths and textures. It’s easy to pull off on day one or day two of wearing your style. To make this style sleeker, use texture spray or lightweight serum-like NuMe Sleeky in a Bottle. For a more intricate look, try a braided top knot. Spritz your locks with texturizing spray, braid a single braid, wrap it around the base of your top knot, and secure it with bobby pins.

Low Bun

Create a sleek low bun for an effortless yet sophisticated look. Start with a French side braid and secure both sections with mini bands. Roll each round antipodally around your ponytail to achieve an elegant low bun effect. Leave some loose strands down and tease them slightly to add texture. Use texturizing spray or curling iron to boost volume and add body to thin hair. Consider adding a zigzag part for an eye-catching twist.

Twisted Bun

The twisted bun exudes femininity and is perfect for special events. For shorter hair, this style may require assistance or video tutorial guidance. Moisturize the twisted bun regularly using moisturizer or misting with water to extend its longevity and prevent dryness or damage. Avoid applying too much tension to the twists to prevent them from loosening or falling out. Keep hair stretched while wearing the bun to minimize stress.