Black Girl Hairstyles For Real Hair

Classic Ponytail or Braid

A classic ponytail or braid is the ideal style for little girls. You can add color to the style by using accessories like colorful hair ties or bows.

Wild Ringlet Style for Natural Curls

If your girl has natural curls, opt for a wild ringlet style that highlights her texture. Use a styling product designed for curly hair and apply leave-in moisturizer after each wash to maintain healthy locks.

Long Hair with Layers

Long layers make your hair more dynamic by adding movement and shaping your face. They also help reduce weight by covering shorter lengths. Layers work well for both thin and thick hair types, and can be styled in various ways.

Thick Bronze Curls

Thick dark curly hair can be styled into stunning protective styles. Embrace your curls with a charming braided style featuring space knots and beads. Consider adding honey bronze-hued highlights and tawny brown lowlights for an elevated look.

Box Braided Bobs or Flat Twist Updos

Box braided bobs and flat twist updos are timeless black girl hairstyles. These protective styles require minimal maintenance, but regular color services are recommended to keep your strands healthy and vibrant.

Fluffy Curls

If you’re a parent with a busy schedule, consider an easy yet glamorous protective style like crochet braids. To create soft coils, apply a lightweight styling gel or pomade to damp hair before scrunching and drying your curls.


Cornrows are a signature look among black girls and have been popularized by celebrities. They serve as an effective protective hairstyle and require minimal upkeep. Add beads or accessories to enhance the textured style, or go for a simpler center-parted, wavy cornrow braid. Pair cornrows with a sleek bob or ponytail for an elegant look, and consider adding blue highlights for added depth.