Black Braided Updo Hairstyles 2019

Black braided updo hairstyles are an eye-catching way to show off your beautiful textured locks! Wear one to work or impress friends; either way, these styles will turn heads.

Start your day right with this stunning goddess box braids look!

This look features multiple large goddess braids gathered into an eye-catching wrapped high bun.

Asymmetrical Ghana Braids

Asymmetry adds depth and uniqueness to a hairstyle, making it ideal for women looking elegant without overdoing it. This gorgeous braided updo features curled Ghana braids with a color progression from black to electric blue.

Upright Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the easiest and lowest maintenance styles for natural textured hair. Try doing them asymmetrically with thicker braids on the crown to make them stand out, or add color pops with hair beads.

Top Knot

For a casual yet chic topknot style, this is your answer. It’s ideal when you dislike wearing a bun or braids. Create two loose, chunky twists and wrap them around your top knot for added style.

Butterfly Braids

Butterfly braids are an exciting and vibrant way to add fun and flair to any hairstyle. This trend involves creating tiny “bubbles” along a braid, resembling butterfly wings. Add colorful hair bands or pins as accessories to customize this style.

Braided Bun

This updo is a lovely option if you want something stylish and classy for special occasions. It features a side braid with a low bun and is finished with a gold hair cord. Perfect for special events and looks stunning when worn with other accessories like earrings.

Tessa Thompson’s Stunning Updo

Tessa Thompson has achieved an elegant yet daring look with her long goddess box braids, styled into an eye-catching high-wrapped updo and featuring sleek bangs to complete her look. The result is stunning and sure to turn heads at any event.