Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions offer an excellent solution for anyone seeking to add length and volume to their locks. Bonded individually strand by strand, these extensions seamlessly integrate with natural waves.


Professional hair stylists know how to install fusion extensions to give a natural result, be it length, thickness, or volume augmentation. No one will even recognize you’ve done anything different! Fusion extensions give results without looking obvious or artificial.

At the top of each extension is a flat, square tip featuring a keratin bond attached with hot fusion irons or heat guns during installation. This bond is safe for your hair and won’t damage it when installed correctly.

Fusion extensions typically last three to six months before needing reinstalling; however, if removed incorrectly, they can cause extensive damage to natural hair. It is, therefore, vitally important that a stylist experienced with fusion extensions has all of the appropriate tools necessary for removal and installation.


Fusion hair extensions can add volume and body to thin or delicate locks, which is ideal if they have low levels. Always have them installed by professionals, as trying to uninstall them yourself could damage your natural locks significantly.

Donna Bella’s Kera-Link hair extensions come in packs of 20 hair extension strands, each sporting a flat square-shaped bond containing one gram of hair. On average, five to nine bags are necessary to create full head extensions.

Depending on their care, fusion hair extensions typically last three to six months before needing replacing due to natural hair growth separating strands from bonds further from your scalp.


Fusion hair extensions are ideal for adding length and volume to natural hair. Available in a wide range of colors and textures, fusion hair extensions can easily match your style. While suitable for all hair types, thicker or denser types work better as extensions.

Approximately five or six packs of extensions will be necessary for full head coverage, each consisting of about 25-30 individual strands attached with heat gun fusion connectors, which solidify and melt away keratin glue.

Proper care of your fusion hair extensions should last between three and five months. Be mindful not to wash your hair daily, as doing so could weaken bonds and cause slippage.


When purchasing fusion hair extensions, quality is of the utmost importance. Choose quality extensions to ensure a natural-looking match for your existing locks and texture.

Avoid washing your hair daily, as this can cause it to dry out and become unruly. Instead, use dry shampoo for three to four washes every few days. Additionally, avoid hot styling tools.

Cold fusion extensions can be less damaging to your hair as they don’t use heat as an adhesive, but are less versatile than hot fusion extensions in terms of their use; you are limited in how many strands per head that you can apply, thus necessitating more than one pack for desired looks; generally speaking 100-180 extensions strands should cover a full head of hair extension extensions.


Fusion hair extensions are more costly than other extensions; however, they last longer and look more natural than their competitors. Furthermore, fusion extensions won’t damage your natural hair and are easy to care for.

The cost of Fusion Hair Extensions will depend on the style and color you select. Be sure to purchase them from a salon specializing in this procedure with certified stylists with experience installing them.

Your stylist will use heat to melt keratin onto each strand of your natural hair, then manipulate and shape it with their fingers until the hardening process occurs. This type of application should only be carried out by professionals due to its intricate process requiring precision and talent.