Black Afro Hairstyles

Black Afro Hairstyles come in all forms; full, voluminous or sleek and sophisticated are popular choices. First popularized during the Civil Rights movement in the 60s and 70s as an expression of pride in black beauty while rejecting Eurocentric beauty standards, the Afro is now seen in virtually all walks of life and settings.

Thick Bronze Curls

Dark tapered afro curls are an edgy look perfect for women with natural, flowing locks that possess consistent curl patterns. To maintain this style, moisturize it regularly using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie or other leave-in moisturizing hair products such as this. Add highlights for a bold look by having them professionally applied by a color expert – the mix of dark and light brown strands feels extremely complimentary, adding depth and dimension. Just be sure to hire someone experienced enough in hair coloring so as to ensure it meets both your skin tone and hair texture needs. If you’re short on time but looking to give your locks some flair, try the puff. It’s quick and simple; simply detangle clean, damp hair using a wide tooth comb before applying your favorite leave-in conditioner and fluffing with an afro pick to add volume and style. For an extra statement-making look, add in front braids for even more flair!

Full Natural Afro Ponytail

An Afro Ponytail can be an amazing style to show off your individuality and beautiful kinky curls. In order to achieve this look, it is necessary to properly moisturize your strands without over-application of product as this could cause frizzing and clumping of the curls. Furthermore, humidity-fighting serum may help reduce unnecessary frizzing during your wash routine to further prevent unwanted frizziness. Add drama and draw attention with an afro by coloring it bold. If you decide to try this look, be sure to visit a salon that provides safe coloring services first. No matter the texture of your locks, this style will show them off beautifully and create an eye-catching style reminiscent of the civil rights movement. Perfect for events celebrating heritage or simply dressing up casual outfits.

Layered hair with Blonde Accents

Black Afros can look particularly impressive when styled with layers and blonde highlights. This style adds lots of interest and personality without going too short; its top features a traditional afro with many curly tendrils, while its sides include undercuts, taper cuts, or fades for variety. Side-swept bobs are another elegant style option for afros with blonde highlights, easily created and suitable for any face shape. Additionally, this style provides sun protection. Braided halos are another protective style for afros. Although this style requires some patience and time to complete, its results speak for themselves! Perfect for women with medium length afros and adding light ash highlights can make this style truly stand out! This style also works well when worn against neutral skin tones.

Colorful Puff or Twist

Afros are naturally full and fluffy, yet need a boost for maximum impact. Try adding twists or braids in different colors for added style and sophistication; this black afro hairstyle strikes a balance between cuteness and chicness! A deep side part and copper-toned highlights define this style, accentuating natural kinky curls in this look that’s ideal for workday wear. If you’re an “lazy natural,” who lacks the time or patience for intricate afro hairstyles, try pulling your puff back with a bandana for an easy yet luxurious style that will leave you feeling like royalty! Plus it can cover up bad hair days!