Current Male Hairstyles

Fade and Fringe Styles

Men’s haircuts with fade and fringe styles are becoming increasingly fashionable. Easy to maintain and giving a more stylish appearance, this trend works best on straight or wavy medium-density hair and can even be worn slicked back or with a hard side part for maximum impact.

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade hairstyles have long been a favorite among males. Not only are they visually striking and fashionable, but they create a dramatic and masculine appearance when worn with beards.

Crew Cut

This classic men’s haircut resembles those of Ivy League crew rowing teams. The hair is kept short to avoid getting in their eyes, hence the name. It provides a bright and polished look without taking too much time in the morning, making it perfect for men who value efficiency. Medium-length crew cuts are versatile and can be styled into pomps or faux-hawks for a timeless, stylish look.


A buzz cut is an accessible, simple, and flexible hairstyle that can be personalized to meet your style. It can be enhanced with a taper fade to make it more polished. Buzz cuts require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for busy men with little time for grooming. They also work well for those with thin or receding hairlines.


The undercut is an essential staple in men’s hairstyles. It can be styled sleek and smooth or rough for a rugged appearance. It is simple and quick to maintain and is popular among celebrities. Disconnected undercut haircuts create a distinct visual distinction between the long top hair and short side hair, making a bold statement. Low fade undercut hairstyles are stylish for any event perfect for thicker locks.


Fades can add an eye-catching element to any hairstyle, adding depth and dimension. Choose your fade based on personal taste and desired style for optimal results. Fades are popular among men with thinning hair as they help cover bald spots, but regular touch-ups are required. A fade is similar to a taper but starts lower near the ears and gradually reduces hair length around the head. It gives a sleek and dapper appearance.

Angular Fringe

The angular fringe haircut is one of the trendiest men’s haircuts today. The hair is tapered on the sides and kept long on top. This versatile cut can be styled for different looks. It is ideal for men with wider foreheads as it helps frame their faces and draws attention away from lines around the eyes. It also adds volume to thin hair on top.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles are trendy and edgy, creating the illusion of thick spikes. They can be dyed in different colors for variety and can be worn by men of all hair lengths. Spiky hair provides a fresh and ruggedly handsome appearance, suitable for everyday wear or formal events. A mid fade helps emphasize the spikes for an aesthetically pleasing result.