Black African American Hairstyles

Bouncy, touchable curls are a timeless classic style in black hair. Add some cool blonde hues and sleek, straight strands to complete this gorgeous look for an eye-catching finish.

Wild ringlets

Wild ringlets are another fabulous look for black women. Ask your stylist for a curl-defining product, tousle your locks, and finish by misting with light hairspray for added hold and a stylish finish.

Cascade Curls

Black hairstyles provide a range of options for women who choose natural locks. From an Afro to Twist Out and Cornrows – each style can help maintain the health and beauty of the strands effectively.

Add drama to your look.

Add drama to your look by donning a long side-parted burgundy hue in your fro. This easy-to-maintain hue won’t damage the strands like other hues may do, creating an impressive and elegant style statement. Tessa Thompson wears this style effortlessly with ease.

Showcase loose curls

Showcase loose curls as loose ringlets or tightly braid strands before allowing them to form into voluminous waterfall curls for an effortless, carefree style.

Braided Mop

African-American women frequently opt for this hairstyle. It involves backcombing or teasing their locks to create volume, usually topped off with hairspray to hold it all in place.

Braided Rope hair

Instead of the classic ponytail, this black African American hairstyle utilizes braids to create an effortlessly stylish style that cascades from the crown to the sides and back, before being pulled together at the back to form an irresistibly sexy yet chic style.

Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are an ideal solution for black women looking to look fashionable and sophisticated. This chic style works for most face shapes, highlighting your client’s eyes in all their glory.

Long Crochet Braids

Once you’ve exhausted every style, from twist-outs to freedom ‘fros and wash-n-gos to rod sets, it is time for something new. Crochet braids provide just that in an effortless, protective style you can install yourself.

Wavy Lob

Wavy lobs are an ideal low-maintenance style for black women. It provides plenty of volume while framing your face perfectly for any look and highlighting features in any outfit. Plus, you can experiment with dyeing multiple colors into it or incorporating ombre highlights for added dimension!