Bisexual Bob Haircut

The “bisexual bob haircut” is a popular hairstyle for bisexuals. While the name sounds prescriptive, there are no strict rules about what a bisexual looks like or should wear. There are no color, cut, or style that will automatically make you bi. Instead, you should wear a hairstyle that makes you feel confident about your sexuality. Here are some bisexual hairstyle examples that you can try out.

Bisexuality is not prescriptive


The Bisexual Bob is a hairstyle that signals sexual fluidity, and has been embraced by the bi community. As the name suggests, this type of bob falls between two extremes: tomboy and femme. In a way, it defies categorization and represents the dual identity of bisexual people. It has become a popular choice among gay and bisexual men and women, who find the hairstyle flattering.

It’s not a stereotype


The bisexual bob is becoming one of the hottest hairstyles among women of mixed sex, writes stylist Riese Bernard. The bob is the same length but features bangs on one side. Its simplicity and versatility make it popular among bi women. Despite stereotypes, the bisexual bob is not an oxymoron! Here are some examples of bi women wearing the bob.

It’s not a hairstyle


The Bisexual Bob is a short, angled haircut with side-swept bangs. The hairstyle has gained popularity among the bi community as a way to express one’s sexuality. The haircut was first mentioned on Tumblr in 2015 when three bisexual characters appeared wearing strikingly similar haircuts. Their sex orientation was quickly confirmed by the namesake of the hairstyle: the Bisexual Bob.

It’s not a color


The Bisexual bob is a popular sign of bisexuality. Characters on television and in movies have been known to wear these haircuts to announce their sexuality. These characters include Marceline from Adventure Time, Korra from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, and Max Caulfield from Life Is Strange. Many of these characters have brash hair and bold colors. The Bisexual bob is often the first sign that someone is bisexual.

It’s not a length


The bisexual bob is a popular hairstyle for men and women who are bisexual, or who want to express their sexuality. This style has a long history of association with bisexuality, and is used by many characters in popular television shows and movies. The hairstyle was introduced to the public in the 1920s, when a few British socialites and French actresses began wearing it. The popularity of the bob was slow to spread in the U.S. until the mid-1910s, when it was worn by flappers.

It’s a style


The Bisexual bob is a popular style in the LGBT community. This style is very similar to the straight bob but is often styled with side swept bangs. It is often seen as a visual confirmation of sexuality, especially by bisexuals. Leah discovered this style while reading a bisexual-themed Tumblr thread. After seeing several pictures of the same hairstyle, she created a post about it. The image of three bisexual characters was re-shared by users, and the name quickly sprung up.

It’s a trope


The bisexual bob haircut is a common style in pop culture, but it is also a real-life occurrence. It is popular among bisexuals and is referred to as the “bi haircut” by those in the bi community. In fact, a majority of bi people have a bob. However, some may feel uncomfortable sporting this style because it is perceived as cisgender.

It’s versatile


The Bisexual bob haircut is a popular choice for a bisexual woman. This haircut is perfect for women who want to spend less time styling it and are interested in a shorter length. This style is sleek and straight and features slightly curled ends. It is a great choice for bi women because it will enhance their collarbones while also being easy to manage. A midi bob is also another popular choice for bi women and has become synonymous with the bi community.

It’s edgy


The bisexual bob haircut is still popular today, and it’s a stylish way to express your sexuality. A recent Tumblr post inspired more examples on Reddit, and soon bisexual TV and movie characters like Halsey and Brooke Candy were sporting the same haircut. This hairstyle is edgy and daring, and the versatility makes it perfect for bisexuals of all genders.