Big Hair Styles

High Pompadour

This skyscraper pompadour hairstyle is one of the boldest pompadour styles, perfect for those who enjoy turning up the volume. With its signature finger-combed style and height adjustment options to meet individual tastes, you can add or reduce height as desired. A shaved line and skin fade help blend this beautiful pomp into its surroundings to complete this striking yet eye-catching and stylish look.

This style is ideal for those with thick and dry textures as it highlights their natural wave pattern. Start by spraying water over your top layer before applying moisture-locking products like Karen’s Body Beautiful Love to secure moisture levels for longer. Finally, style with your pompadour as desired for extra shine!

High Ponytail

This style is similar to the high ponytail but has more sophisticated details. A clean fade and pompadour create a sophisticated finish, bringing out all your best features. Wear this with or without a beard to further accentuate facial features, though make sure it’s neatly trimmed or tapered so as not to steal the show from your beautiful pompadour!

Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is an effective way to keep hair out of your face and off of the neck. Like a high ponytail, you can customize its size or make it smaller for easy wearability. Plus, unlike top knots, twisted buns are easier to create quickly!

A twisted updo exudes femininity and elegance, making it perfect for special occasions. Easy to achieve, add an adorable bow around its base for an extra romantic effect!

Make the look your own by mixing your hair into two sections and creating two distinct styles. Create a slight pouf with one backcomb and twist it into a low ponytail, wrap it into a bun using bobby pins to secure it, and leave loose strands framed by face frames open for framing purposes. Remember, hairspray for that final touch! This sleek style works exceptionally well when coupled with a deep side part.

Boho Updo

Bohemian style may appear disorganized, but incorporating subtle gypsy accents can make achieving an elegant romantic or boho wedding hairstyle simpler than ever before. For instance, this bride added pampas grass (a wheat-colored feather) into her top knot for an eye-catching bridal headpiece that made a first impression at her event.

As another option, why not add some bohemian braids to a high ponytail? Prepping your locks with texture spray before creating the ponytail and pulling the bottom section into a little bun.

Once your hair is complete, pull the remainder into a low ponytail and tease to add volume before securing it with elastic and hairspray for extra hold.

This beachy chignon is perfect for beachy babes with blonde or brown locks, its subtle texture making it easy to dress it up or down with accessories like a veil, hairpiece, flowers, or a flower crown. Perfect for any special event but incredibly stunning at weddings.

Retro Updo

If you want a style that combines vintage with contemporary elements, try this updo. Ideal for special events and easy to achieve regardless of hair length!

For this retro updo, pull your hair back into a tight column at the base of your scalp before twisting and swirling it on top of your crown – then pin it to secure. The result: an eye-catching updo that recalls the 1940s and 50s fashion!

A cute way to add extra flair and volume without using extensions, this bun has the added feminine flair of being completed with a bow for extra feminine flair – perfect for girls with long braids who enjoy looking like pin-up girls!