Beyonce Hairstyles – How to Style a Blond Pixie Cut

Whether your hair is straight or curled, this look will make your eyes pop. The blonde highlights in Beyonce’s signature haircut add dimension and perfectly complement her oval facial structure.

Beyonce rocks an adorable hybrid cornrow/box braid style in the Lemonade video that perfectly encapsulates its gritty atmosphere. Try adding charms for added flair.

Short Pixie Cut

Though short, pixie cuts still offer plenty of styling potential. If you want to make the style more eye-catching, add waves or curls. For something a bit more polished, add some bobby pins for definition.

Beyhive members look to Queen Bey for all sorts of inspiration: workout music, outfit ideas for an overhaul of wardrobe, and beauty advice when they require new hair color or haircut. So it was no surprise when she unveiled a sun-washed blonde pixie crop as part of her Renaissance World Tour to cause quite an uproar!

Beyonce usually sports long, flowing locks; however, she recently took a bold step by switching her look with short, blonde locks. Beyonce is not the first celebrity to opt for such an unconventional hairstyle – T-Boz and Mary J. Blige donned shoulder-length blonde locks in the 90s; however, Beyonce made sure her move remained modern and confident.

Curly Pixie Cut

Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but with proper care and the appropriate cut, curls can become the beautiful features of any pixie cut.

Beyonce recently sent shockwaves through the beauty world with her dramatic short curly pixie cut, showing that short hair can be as elegant and sophisticated as long locks.

Curly Pixie Cuts are ideal for those with thick, heavily textured curls as it showcases them beautifully without weighing down the hair. For an added flair to this adorable style, add colorful highlights at the roots and ends of your curls to give more drama to this stunning cut! Alternatively, dyeing your locks a lighter shade could also create a subtler spring or summer look!

Straight Pixie Cut

Beyonce made waves last week when she unveiled a blond, short pixie cut on Instagram. Many interpreted her decision to cut short as a reaction to an incident at one of Jay-Z’s concerts on July 22, where her locks got caught in someone’s fan. The short, pixie style made waves across social media and likely inspired women everywhere to adopt similar looks for themselves.

Beyonce makes her statement with this contemporary look by wearing an icy blonde shade, while choppy layers add flair and give Beyonce an I-don’t-care attitude that exudes confidence and female power. Try Beyonce’s signature angled pixie cut to emulate this look for yourself, whether your hair is long or short.

Beyonce debuted her Ivy Park clothing line with this long in the front, short in the back pixie cut, featuring less drastic length changes. Still beautiful for framing most facial structures and hair textures alike. If opting for one like Beyonce’s long at front short at back version, ask your stylist for many layers for added body and dimension.

Blonde Pixie Cut

A blonde pixie cut is an elegant classic style perfect for petite frames. This cut requires minimal upkeep, is ultrafeminine, and quickly shows off cheekbones and jawlines. Add micro-bangs for an added sexiness boost!

Beyonce has set an indisputable rule: when she wears it, you want it too! She has shown every style imaginable on Instagram, from box braids and booty-length weaves to topknots and pixie cuts.

Her most iconic hair color is her warm-toned blonde, which has quickly become one of the most requested shades at her New York City salon. To achieve it, ask that your colorist lighten your base color one to two shades before adding in dimension with fine highlights based on texture and cut based on Rita Hazan Sunkissed Gloss Weekly Remedy for healthy-looking blonde locks between touch-ups.